The United States commemorates the victims of communist regimes all around the world. They emphasize that the Holodomor was deliberately committed against the Ukrainians. This is stated in the statement of the White House on the occasion of the memory of the victims of communism, Ukrainska Pravda writes.

“Since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, we have witnessed the consequences of the tyrannical communist ideology – suffering, repression, and death. Communism subordinates the inalienable human rights to the welfare of all, which leads to the destruction of freedom of religion, private property, freedom of speech and very often, life,” the statement says.

“These horrors included the fact that Ukrainians were deliberately starved during the Holodomor, the Russians disappeared during the Great Terror, Cambodians died on the fields of death, and Berliners were shot when they tried to escape to freedom,” the White House said.

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