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November is often criticized for cloudy days, the first significant cooling, fog, and sad mood. The current November decided to refute this negative image and for several days already gives beautiful fogs, sometimes bright sun, dry weather and relatively high air temperature. A powerful anticyclone, located in the east of the continent, helps it.

On the coming days, no significant changes in the synoptic situation are expected in Ukraine. The precipitation on November 8-9 and on the weekend is unlikely in all regions. The fog will be observed in some places, which will worsen the visibility to 300-500 meters. Therefore, drivers should be careful especially in the evening and morning hours. The fog also contributes to the accumulation of harmful exhaust fumes in the air.

The air temperature will fluctuate during the day within 8-12 degrees. The southern part of Ukraine will be the warmest and the western regions, maximum +10 +15 degrees. Cold weather is expected in northeastern Ukraine. In Sumy, Luhansk and Kharkiv in the afternoon will be no higher than +7 +11 degrees.

Nights become noticeably colder. In the northern regions, in the east, and in the central part, 0-4 degrees below zero are expected in some places. In most regions, the minimum air temperature will be +2 +6 degrees.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


Next week, the synoptic situation will not change significantly, only the air temperature will drop by several degrees. During the day, it will become colder during the daytime to +3 +9 degrees, and 0-4 degrees below zero are expected at night. Those, who do not want to freeze, can visit the western part of Ukraine at the beginning of the next week. There will be still warm weather: +1 +5 degrees at night, +8 +13 degrees in the daytime.

Rainfalls are not in sight. In the near future, only on November 12 and 14, the atmospheric front will cause small periodic rainfalls in the north and west of Ukraine.

In Kyiv, on November 8 and 9, the weather will remain wet and cool. Precipitation is not expected, probable fogs and haze. The air temperature during the day will fluctuate within +9 +11 degrees.

On Saturday and Sunday, a gradual cooling will begin. On November 10-11 and in the first half of the week +3 +8 degrees are expected in the afternoon. But at night, the thermometer will drop to zero. Small “minuses” are likely around. Rainfalls are possible in the capital on November 14.

November learnt the experience of beauty in October, so it also decided to give us still yellow leaves, pink evenings, a gentle wind and luxurious mists.

Text by Natalka Didenko

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