And now, to the hot topic, comments on which, you for sure have met in the news feed quite frequently. We are talking about an ex-singer, and now politician from Tymoshenko’s party Anastasia Prykhodko, who had an interview with a journalist Yanina Sokolova. Well, that’s not the biggest trouble that she had come to the interview, it is the interview itself and the sudden refusal of Prykhodko to continue the conversation, which was a reason for a wave of discussions. More – in traditional reactions from Opinion.

So, let’s start our reactions’ review with the post by journalist Yuriy Butusov. In this conversation, he was surprised not by the answers of the former singer, but… with the intellect level of the PR managers, whom Tymoshenko assigned to a newly born politician. After all, inexperienced and unprepared for public debates girl was immediately sent to a serious interview where the journalist was just doing her job. It turns out that Prykhodko was forced to talk about politics, while poorly understanding the context of questions and her own answers.

However, blogger Artem Malder stressed that he did not see anything extraordinary in this interview: Prykhodko was as sharp and impulsive as usual. Moreover, author of the post is even glad that the ex-singer goes into politics, because those who have been there for more than 20 years, has the same level of understanding, however, they’ve learned to blindfold eyes to the voters.

Instead, volunteer Alina Mykhailova sharply criticized Prykhodko as a politician, stressing that sometimes it’s better to be just a beautiful face and don’t speak. After answering the question about problems in the Armed Forces, the ex-singer said that the volunteers themselves have acquired weapons. And some of her answers can be turned into quotations. To the question for what Tymoshenko lives off, the answer was “She is very… smart”.

Volunteer also get something “nice” for Yanina Sokolova, who was forced to express her position on the resolution of “conflict” (this way the journalist named war and military invasion).

Anastasia Prikhodko also received her portion of criticism from a serviceman Yevhen Shevchenko. This time it was for a statement that Tymoshenko has no business. Shevchenko believes that when such people who have no education both in politics and in business, are rallying for Tymoshenko, they actually lead our country into an abyss.

Blogger Oleksandr Verholias suggested that the party needs a former singer in order not to work with an audience that can raise questions, but to increase the impact on the audience that consists of “network simpletons” and elderly ladies.

Journalist Vasiliy Apasov was surprised by Anastasia’s “cheerleaders”. Someone named Konstiantyn, according to the author of the post, worked badly. He was making common mistakes, besides he didn’t prepare Prykhodko so that she could create at least some kind of self-sufficiency on the air.

In her turn, journalist Natalia Vlaschenko decided to defend the ex-singer, stressing that in fact, each faction has about three speakers, the others members are just like “Prikhodko”. However, there are also honored artists who don’t depend on the will of the headquarters and joyfully speak for the public. In order to clarify, Vlaschenko added that most of the political interviewers can be easily put in Anastasia’s shoes during a conversation on any topic. You just need to deprive them of their authors.

Tetiana Khudiakova, a blogger, in general, believes that they just “got rid of” the former singer, and nothing more. According to her, suddenly it appeared that there is a lot of dirt on Prykhodko, so they’ve decided to get rid of her as soon as possible. After all, Prykhodko didn’t even have any prepared lines, so she couldn’t resist the journalist.

Political observer Pavlo Nuss stressed that Anastasia Prykhodko is a singer, perhaps an activist, but she is not a competent politician, and it’s not funny that she was beyond the material. After all, the party leader is simply trying to use Anastasia in her plan on getting a power.

Myroslav Hai, a blogger, volunteer and coordinator of the “Myr i Ko” Foundation, did not see anything funny in this interview because the former singer didn’t understand any question that was posed. However the main trouble is that Anastasia does not understand the overall situation in the country, society, army, at least, as Hai notes, you have such a feeling when you hear her words. The volunteer even thinks that it was very easy for Tymoshenko to fool and to convince Anastasia to join her team. And it’s very sad because Prykhodko has done a lot for the army, she visited frontline many times and had an impeccable reputation.

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