Tymoshenko got the first place. Zelenskiy is right behind her back, writing new jokes. And the last in this top-3 is Poroshenko. These are the results of the latest sociological survey. How true are these numbers and how everything can happen in reality – in reactions from Opinion.

Olexiy Minakov, a political expert, shared his views on Ukrainians’ mood as of October 19-23, which was analyzed by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), Razumkov Center and “Rating” social group. According to published information, after Tymoshenko, Zelenskiy and the incumbent president, follow Hrytsenko, Boyko, Lyashko, Vakarchuk, and Muraev. Moreover, according to the results of the second round simulation, Tymoshenko can win… in all the electoral pairs. That’s what we have.

Or here we have a less serious and more humorous version of the same rating by blogger Roman Holubovskyi. Thus, Hrytsenko has a bad rating again; Zelenskiy is joking, etc.

In general, according to blogger Roman Shrike, there is nothing unusual in the rating, but there are two important points: Vakarchuk and Sadovyy are far behind, Murayev quite openly takes the voters away from Boyko and Rabinovych. In the end, voters can re-focus on those who they believe have a chance to win.

Yevhen Mahda, Executive Director of the Institute of World Politics, metaphorically noted that favorites of the presidential race, if compared with soccer players… did not even remove their training suits. Huh, that means that someone can get a “yellow card” or start simulating the dishonest game of others? Really, what a lucky metaphor.

However, journalist Mariana Pietsuh is convinced that the results of the rating are a confirmation that the media is indeed the fourth power. After all, where would Zelensky be, if not “1 + 1” and “Servant of the people” (satiric TV series about Ukrainian politics – translator’s note)? By the way, has somebody seen his electorate at all?

However, not all people consider Zelenskiy as a candidate, because it is quite probable that this is just a technology that will really interfere with real candidates, thus to discuss his ratings seriously is useless. In short, the choice is between the current president and the ex-prime minister.

Blogger Vadym Fulmakht added that the percentage of those who are “against all” is still rather high, and therefore the incumbent president still has all the chances to make use of his resources to catch up with the two comedians. Oh, I’m sorry. The Comic and the lady.

Instead, political scientist Petro Oleshchuk is sure: those who think that the polls are wrong, obviously, believe that voters and drivers who don’t change summer tires for winter ones are different people.

Journalist Dmytro Lykhoviy also shared his impressions about the rating. A verdict of the author of the post: “The country is sick and doesn’t want to be treated. The disease progresses.” Why? According to Lykhoviy, the guilty one is our mentality: to believe liars and populists.

However, it is not necessary to speak about a lie: according to the post, such an arrangement of candidates is recognized by the presidential administration, but, they make an amendment to the fact that ratings are not like the electorate, which you have to bring to the polling stations. In general, read this post to the end.

According to political consultant Mykola Spiridonov, representatives of the south and east have a chance to enter the second round only in the event of united conditional “Opposition bloc” and the nomination of their one candidate. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed for it to remain a theory.

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