Naftogaz National Joint-Stock Company states that they currently do not supply gas to 22 heat suppliers, 12 of which are large because of their refusal to pay off the debt for consuming blue fuel, writes Hromadske.

In particular, according to the company, heating problems are currently present in 9 regions of Ukraine. According to Naftogaz, the main reason that the population does not receive heat is that local authorities do not pay debts for consumed gas and paid company less than 90% of the used gas. “Until these enterprises comply with these requirements of the law, Naftogaz can not give them a nomination for gas on preferential terms, determined by the Cabinet of Ministers,” the gas monopolist said. They also note that in most cases, billions of gas debts arose due to non-compliance with the schedule of repayment of debts by local councils. At the same time, in the case of Kherson, Kriviy Rig and Severodonetsk, the state is responsible for the outstanding debt, because the local CHP is in its ownership.

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