Washington has not exhausted the means of pressure to stop the construction of the “Nord Stream-2” pipeline. On Tuesday, November 13, in Brussels, US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sundland stated this. This is written by Deutsche Welle.

“We have not yet applied all the tools that could seriously undermine or stop this project,” he said. Sundland expressed the hope that “the project’s opposition will have an impact”. But if this is not possible, then Donald Trump has “many and many other tools,” he added, refusing to specify what is being discussed.

On the same day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during her speech before the European Parliament, spoke in favor of the “Nord Stream-2” project. She emphasized that gas from Russia is needed as a transitional raw material in the fight against climate change, “especially in a country like Germany that is not going to use atomic energy”. Merkel underlined at the same time that she is making efforts to keep Ukraine from being a transit country for gas.

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