Yesterday, online media “Livyi Bereh” published the text on the murder of a public activist Kateryna Handziuk and its probable customers. The editorial office, for some time, refused to comment on this situation. However, today they reported that the “standard procedure” was violated. They say that the article wasn’t checked by the legal department. About a strange set of circumstances – in reactions from Opinion.

Journalist Katerina Shapoval was one of the first to write about the removal of the article. She noted that she knows that there are a lot of decent journalists in that media, who honestly write about what is happening now. However, according to the author of the post, it is very upsetting when such a thing happens. Nonetheless, the material itself is worth reading.

Writer Oksana Lutsyshyna also commented on the sudden withdrawal of the publication. According to her, the text disappeared from the website after a phone call. “It’s creepy. And in general, everything that was written is creepy”. And we still live in it.

Blogger Sergey Naumovich tried to summarize the whole tragic story of Kateryna Handziuk, by firstly putting a rather rhetorical question: what was your image of the 21st century in a European state. For example, people from the presidential party are involved in the murder of a woman who exposed corrupt schemes of entire cities. In order not to kill, she’s attacked with an acid. After that… the police are looking for anyone, but not an executor. Under public pressure, law enforcers put on handcuffs on the executor, after all. But it isn’t the end. After the death of the woman on one of the main media-resources of the country, an article about this whole story is gaining in popularity and… the article disappears. Some kind of a wrong 21st century, right?

According to journalist Iryna Saliy, as of yesterday evening, there was no editing on the network. This case prompted Saliy to draw this conclusion: journalists don’t need classical media. In the era of the internet and Facebook, every journalist can easily distribute his content. Now the only problem is monetization of such work. And if it is resolved, it’s going to be the end of such a media. As for writing for such publications, it’s not interesting at all, according to the journalist.

Lawyer Anna Maliar stressed that after reading the removed article of “Livyi Bereh”, there is a strong feeling that neither the pressure of the public nor even the disclosure of the customer or the customers of the murder will change anything. Absolutely anything.

Blogger Anton Hodza also suggested that the article could be removed from the website after someone’s call. Hodza did not hide his indignation; he also hinted that any explanations or runarounds after such a step by the editorial staff are unlikely to be adequately perceived.

However, the removal of the text from the website of the “Livyi Bereh” did not prevent its publicity and spreading. Moreover, according to today’s post by blogger Ivan Oberemko, the author of the article, who is temporarily blocked on the network, allowed all the media to reprint her material. After all, the text contains more words of the killed Gadzjuk than the journalist’s ones.

However, after all, the reaction from the editorial board has appeared. According to the text of the post by the public page of the media, the standard procedure was violated – the text wasn’t checked by the legal department. After its publication, the editorial board received a recommendation from lawyers that the text contains a number of allegations, for which “Livyi Bereh” may have legal consequences in court. Therefore, because of that, it was decided to remove it for further development. Now the article “It’s time to speak up – who ordered Katia Handziuk?” is returned to the website with changes made on the demand of lawyers. The editorial office apologized to the readers and author of the text for the situation.

At the same time, editor-in-chief and journalist Sonya Koshkina decided to comment on the situation. According to her, it was a technical error that they recognize and correct. Separately, Koshkina wished to some critics that all those “good” words they wrote and said about the editorial staff and her team came true for them.

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