Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

November always brings the first snow. And it always happens unexpectedly, beautifully, and mysteriously. If you do not take into account the 10-point traffic jams on city roads and graceful curses to fans of summer tires on cars. However, it looks fabulous from the window and reminds that winter with Christmas will be soon, in a month or two, but warm hats on the forehead and thick winter coats ‒ till April.

The atmospheric front from the west of Europe brought us snow, traffic jams, and ice on the roads. On November 15, frontal precipitation will cover a significant part of Ukraine. There will be rain and sleet, depending on the air temperature. During the day, precipitation will weaken and remain only in the western regions. On Thursday night 0-5 degrees below zero are expected, in the daytime 0-5 degrees above zero.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On November 16, dry weather will prevail in most regions, in the south, there will be light rain and sleet, and in the western part, there could be a slight precipitation. The minimum temperature will range from 4 degrees above zero in the west to 4 degrees below zero in the east. During the daytime, it is expected up to 0-5 degrees above zero. The cold weather will dominate in most regions of Ukraine on weekend, from small “minuses” to insignificant “pluses”.

On Saturday, precipitation is not expected, it will rain only in Crimea, and rain with sleet will be in the Azov region.

On Sunday, the atmospheric front will bring the complication of weather to the northern, western and Vinnytsya regions. There will be rain mixed with wet snow. The sticking of sleet is expected, ice in some places, and ice on the roads.

Much of the central regions, east and south will fall into the region of dry weather on the weekend. The air temperature during Saturday and Sunday will not change significantly, it is expected 0-5 degrees below zero at night, and 0-5 degrees above zero in the daytime.

On November 19, difficult weather will hold tight the western and northern regions, rain and sleet will fall, the ice can provoke significant traffic jams and traffic accidents. In the rest of Ukraine dry, although cloudy weather will prevail.

On Tuesday, November 20, precipitation mainly in the form of rain is expected in the western part; east, north, center and south will receive only cloudiness and fogs from the atmosphere. The air temperature will not go far from zero, at night ‒ up to 4 degrees below zero, 0-5 degrees above zero are expected during the day.

In Kyiv, the weather is expected to be cloudy, humid, and moderately cold in the near future. Precipitation in the form of rain and sleet is most likely at night on November 15 and on Sunday, November 18. On the roads of the capital will be slippery. The first half of the week will not bring a synoptic comfort. Rain and sleet are expected on November 19, ice and sleet are possible on the roads. Further significant precipitation is not expected, but it will be cloudy, there will be high humidity and deterioration of visibility.

From November 19 to November 21, the air temperature in Kyiv will fluctuate in the current range, at night it is expected to be 0-3 degrees below zero, in the daytime ‒ around zero.

The first snow always brings pure white color, thoughts of Christmas, traffic jams, home comfort, and sometimes sad thoughts. Each month of the year gives us motley feelings. November is not an exception, it teaches us to appreciate warmth and light.

Text by Natalka Didenko

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