In the Kremlin, they’ve decided to declare that a settlement of the “conflict” (in fact, war) in the Donbas will take place… with a change of power in Ukraine. Of course, this was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stated this.  He said that while “such people” are in power in Kyiv, one can’t expect for a peaceful resolution. And it would be all right if not for Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who repeated the thesis of Moscow quite quickly. More about shown hands – in reactions from Opinion.

According to journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk, this way Putin “participated” in Ukrainian election campaign. De facto, he says about peace, but he trades war. And Putin’s quote: “Can today’s government make something for a settlement? In my opinion, no. While ‘such people’ are in power in Kyiv, one can’t expect for a peaceful conflict resolution in these territories.” Something like this.

It’s obvious that Petro Poroshenko’s responded to Putin’s announcement, however, he made it through his press secretary Svyatoslav Tseholko. The latter stressed that the statements of the Russian president were a clear indication of his intervention in the Ukrainian electoral process, despite the fact that the campaign hasn’t started yet. Tseholko also added that the current president of Ukraine stands for political and diplomatic resolution, but he will never accept to peace under conditions of the aggressor state.

Iryna Lutsenko, an MP and wife of the Attorney General, assured that Putin, in his statement, actually indicated: he would deal with anyone except Poroshenko. The Kremlin leader doesn’t want to hide anymore, because when the stakes are this high he rejects any caution.

Oleksandr Bryhynets, politician and journalist, wrote about the neglected caution. In his opinion, Putin’s last hope lies not in open revanchists, but in the hidden ones. That is, those who promise to bring peace, cheap gas and keep in touch with the “Russian world.” I know one. Khm.

Former MP Viktor Ukolov expressed his conviction that Ukraine will be able to disappoint Kremlin’s dictator.

Moreover, journalist Yevhen Bulavka stressed that with such words, Putin surrendered to Petro Poroshenko, confessing that all planned scenarios failed.

And now a little bit about Viktor Orban. Political scientist Oleksiy Holobutsky quite accurately stated that contacts with Kremlin are really toxic. After all, a full-fledged, legitimate state of Hungary suddenly switched to the rhetoric of unrecognized quasi-entities “LDPR”, “gray lands”, occupied by the Russian Federation. As a result, we have territorial encroachments on both sides.

Another political scientist, Oleksandr Paliy, characterizes Putin and Orban as two brothers who “dream to kill and split Ukraine.” It was like they were giving one more hint, for whom to vote for. Or at least, for what forces you shouldn’t. It’s not only me for whom everything is so obvious, right?

The hint was slightly deciphered by a journalist and political commentator Iryna Anilovska. She assured that there is no doubt that the “opposition force” that Hungary, and hence the Kremlin expects, is Ms. Tymoshenko. What “She” can negotiate with these “two brothers”? Anilovska believes that it will be about concessions in all spheres of all negotiations. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

But not by Tymoshenko alone. According to blogger Mason Lemberg, Russia with Hungary can count on Ukrainian… fool who will vote (or ignore) the way that would be beneficial to the enemies of Ukraine. Tus, my dear puppers, be conscious and don’t sell your votes for buckwheat and sugar. And in general – don’t sell them.

Reactions were collected and cloning of Putin’s theses was observed by Stepan the Goat

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