Sit back, make yourself comfortable. It turned out that the current government is forced… to steal money, in general, resist Russian aggression in the information war. This was stated in a post by a businessman and blogger (often called as a pro-government) Karl Volokh. As if the existing corruption is forced and the rate is by far lower than at the times of Yanukovych. Such excuses. More about coming outs – in reactions from Opinion.

What exactly Mr Karl Volokh has written that stirred the blood of nearly the whole network? The blogger writes that corruption, which is kept by the current authorities, is forced. Particularly, because the authorities have to… steal in order to at least informationally and organizationally resist the attack of the united “Putin-oligarchic” information troops for this money. Such is the statement, my dearest.

Sure thing, such a message couldn’t be left without the public’s attention. For example, a social activist Serhiy Sternenko, who was assassinated three times, wrote his own, rather sarcastic message about His advent based on the “sermon of Karl Volokh”. The one who said: steal as if it’s the last time. Take away money which must have gone for education, medicine and safety. Only in this way the salvation would come. In short, no way to survive without a sarcasm here.

But a journalist Tatiana Danilenko suggested that the Volokh’s message could… be touching for many. After all, our people often regard the state as something that doesn’t belong to them, that can be destroyed, spoiled or stolen.

Instead, a blogger Oleksiy Nesterenko convinced that Volokh had voiced another rather apparent war, which hasn’t been said aloud yet: domestic corruption also regards Russia and the Kremlin as an enemy. According to the author, coming up with these statements is only possible if you managed to completely went astray in a self-built labyrinth of excuses for something senseless to excuse. Such a twisted path.

And we again turn on the levers of sarcasm. The editor of “European Truth” Sehiy Sidorenko joked that, despite all talks, no-one began to think in a state-like manner and didn’t notice the business plan. As if the corruption, in general, should be allowed at the legislative level, put on a legal footing and create a register of corrupt officials who… fight with Putin.

Facebook can be closed, that’s about it. Let’s go. Blogger Vadym Fulmakht said this with the same sarcasm. Why? Because you cannot say better than Volokh. Interview with prykhodko and secret service agent’s monologues go to the background. Karl Volokh is awarded “Epic of the Year”, hurray!

And now we’re slowing down a bit of that sarcasm and turning to the post of activist and volunteer Oleksandr Khadzhynov. What do we have? Pro-government person confesses in the budget theft. Who exactly? Apparently, those whom the blogger supports, what’s the use in justifying of enemies? All we have is hope that a draft bill on budget theft and legalization of corruption doesn’t lie somewhere in the Council. Anyway, fingers crossed.

And it’s clear that Volokh’s words couldn’t do without lampoon. Here’s the blogger Anton Hodza made a completely universal phrase, which can back up in cases of disclosure of corruption schemes. Well, the war is informational, don’t you see?

Remember Sternenko’s variant of a sermon? The blogger Serhiy Naumovych has published something similar. Let’s face it, citizens, pay more taxes, we urgently need to steal them, so that Putin didn’t have time to attack.

Do you reflect on the genre of this action film? Journalist Nataliia Vlaschenko is confident that this is far from a drama – it’s a thriller. Needless to say that Volokh managed to impress the journalist’s imagination. Isn’t it an indicator on the blogger’s effectiveness?

But the blogger and historian Andriy Plakhonin decided not to mock at Volokh, but to put a rather unexpected question: what was wrong in his saying? Don’t you think all the necessary votes for the draft bills in the Council are taken out of nothing? Well, those ones without which there wouldn’t be the visa-free regime. And where did the reforms were taken from, which even the former regionals supported?

As a result, Plakhonin states that this system worked with its founder – Leonid Kuchma, and will work for quite a long time. The only thing that can be done with this system is the constant systematic pressure of the civil community to make it evolve in the necessary direction. Something like that.

And let’s put a full stop in the final score of the network leaders’ competition. “Crooked hole” from Anastasia Prykhodko interview suddenly lost in the last duel and “forced corruption” made a breakthrough. Score 1: 1. Waiting for new competitors.

Reaction and forced corrupt officials were collected by Stepan the Goat

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