The U.S. and Ukraine are in “close discussion” for Washington to supply another tranche of lethal weapons for Kyiv’s fight in eastern Ukraine, where “Russians keep bringing new military technology”, Ukraine’s foreign minister said, reports Defense News

On Saturday, Klimkin confirmed to reporters, “We are in discussions about other pieces of defense equipment,” but declined to get specific. Speaking separately at the forum on Saturday, Sen. Chris Coons, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called the fighting “a frozen conflict” and expressed support for the Trump administration’s decision to provide training and lethal arms to Ukraine.

“It’s an ongoing discussion because Javelins were important psychologically,” he said. “We have noticed that the Russians withdrew their tanks deeper into the occupied area… basically fearing symbolically, psychologically and physically that such [anti-tank] weapons can be used in the case of Russian provocation.” “Russian naval capabilities are stronger than ours, but we have to build up,” Klimkin said. “We are very decisive on defending our interests in the Azov Sea, and we can’t let the Russians take control of the whole Azov Sea.

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