The escaping president, Viktor Yanukovych, will be allowed to have the final say in court about state treason from the hospital bed. The next meeting in his case was scheduled for December 5, 9:00. Thus, the Obolonsky court upheld the petition of the lawyers of Yanukovych and announced a break until the 5th day, reports Hromadske

Judge Vladislav Diavatko said that if the ex-president cannot cure for the next meeting, he will be allowed to go to the video link from the hospital bed “sitting or lying down”. At the same time, the defender of Yanukovych, Oleksandr Goroshynsky, said that it’s “incorrect” to have the last word for the ex-president from the hospital bed.

It should be noted that the last word is the right of Yanukovych, and not his duty. A judge can pronounce him a verdict without the speech of the espionage president. Earlier Yanukovych’s lawyers said he was seriously injured and stationary in a hospital in Moscow. According to lawyers, Yanukovych can not make the last word because of an injury.

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