Election that didn’t take place

I believe the main heritage the Russian Federation received from the Soviet Union is the imitation of democratic procedures and institutions. Only the re-election of Yeltsin to a second term proposed the real alternative (a terrible one but real). The skills of imitation were fully used in Crimea and in Donbas. The election? What election? Nothing more but a plastic prosthesis.

There was a joke in Soviet times. A deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR comes back home after a long session. He keeps silent. He doesn’t say a word. “Are you tired?”, the wife asks. The man raises his hand up. “Are you ready for dinner?”, he raises up his hand again. “How about having some vodka?”, long and heavy applause. Actually, it was not a joke. Those were the only two gestures popular at the sessions of the supreme democratic body in the great country. The hand-alphabet was reduced to the savage minimum.

We love the authority. We submit to it…

“that nation where among forests of hands

the tyrant of the States voted in, its only candidate,

and spit goes ice-cold on the tongue”, was written by Josef Brodsky.

I consider that even the fight in Verkhovna Rada is better than the unanimous voting. At least, it is entertainment and it demonstrates both the emotions and personal skills of people’s nominees. Voting in the State Council of Russia is, as it has always been, unanimous – it does not suggest anything but infinite devotion and passive obedience. It is an automatic act that has nothing human in it – neither sense nor emotions.

I bring all that back to memory with a view to the “election” in Donetsk and Lugansk “people’s republics” that took place a short time ago. They had nothing democratic and I’m sorry to admit nothing human either. Yet again the made-in-the-USSR machine, the pseudo-democratic Kalashnikov assault rifle, deployed.

How should we regard the election in Donetsk region? We shouldn’t even mention that election. It didn’t change anything either in separatist entities or in Ukraine. It was the imitation of the election, the demonstration of what nobody would ever believe. It was the election that didn’t take place.

Borys Khersonskyi

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