The Opposition Bloc loses. The party-follower of the “Party of Regions” (headed by Yanukovych) expelled Yuri Boiko, a MP, co-head of the parliamentary party, and Serhii Lyovochkin, a deputy head. See more in Reactions.

Let’s start from serious posts, so we can keep jokes to the end. Oleksii Minakov, a political expert, believes that there is nothing about any secrecy or foul play. The point is that some particular oligarch pressure groups just wanted to cut around their partners and finally to destroy the “Oppobloc”.

Who has a profit of that?? It is easier to say who DOESN’T: the current president and Yulia Tymoshenko. For any pro-Russian candidate would be a proper opponent for both of them. Wait, and what about that one, who… Ok, no mentions.

Olesia Yakhno-Belkovska, a political expert, said that if Boiko, Lyovochkin and Co. call “Akhmetov’s” part of the “Oppobloc” a Poroshenko’s opposition, it means… and it is quite consistent: it means that we have Putin’s opposition as well. What a surprise, really.

Viktor Ukolov, a former MP, says the same but in another form, adding that the group with Boiko, Lyovochkin and Medvedchuk are much closer to Russia than the “Oppobloc” group with Vikula, Novinsky and Akhmetov. Well, you know, I am not very keen on the opposition kinds.

What should we wait for? As the evening comes, I want to read something not that serious, some joky and sarcastic foresights by Serhii Fursa, an economic expert: Tymoshenko is against populism, Poroshenko is against the president’s three friends, Liashko is against Shakhtar football team, Zelensky is against Kolomoyskyi. Well, it is as surprising as “Boiko is against corruption”.

Yurii Romanenko, a political expert, tried to figure out why there were Boiko and Akhmetov whom they decided to expel. He says that it is because of Akhmetov’s hatred of Medvedchuk (let’s recall the partition foreseen by Ukolov). Because of Medvedchuk, Akhmetov got serious problems in business and lost many assets in the occupied territories.

As the result, we have the next idea expressed by Milan Lelich, a journalist: “there won’t be the only one candidate from “the southern east”. It makes Poroshenko’s chances for the second round higher. Now, there is such a system: the more pro-Russian candidates fight the election, the better it is for the current government. Well, Moscow keeps its ears open. Moscow never sleeps, that was a song, right? Are they zombies or what?

Let’s look at less serious ideas. Well, circumstances make us. Have you heard a joke about frog and snake who fell in love with each other (a horse joke about frog and snake’s sex is applied to conflicts where both parties are wrong)? It doesn’t matter. A good illustration is here.

“Separatists expel separatists for separatism. How do you like it, historians?”

By the way, Lyovochkin himself calls it a “funeral” of the “Oppobloc”. Really, Mr Roman Shraik is right, they disappointed everybody. What funeral without music? They have to kick out someone else.

But the surrealistic part is that Mr Boiko with Mr Lyovochkin are oppositionists who decided to be in opposition against… the “Opposition Bloc”. They live their best lives, really. Not a step back from their ideas and beliefs.

Yes, of course, I could show you this post by Anton Khodza, a blogger, from the very beginning. Then you needn’t have read all this. But I work here for some reason, eh?

And in conclusion, my favourite Facebook art. Keep together, my dears, and choose right friends. Live your life without any frogs or snakes. See you!

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