Five years ago, on November 21, 2013, the new Ukrainian history started. The peaceful protest turned into a genuine fight, opposition to the system, and the willingness to sacrifice life for the sake of the future. What is written online on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity – in the reactions from Opinion.

Political expert Oleksiy Minakov is convinced, that the Day of Dignity and Freedom reminds us: we have chosen the right course of the country. This is a course for European values and European standards. Just remember Ukraine in 2013 and look at our country today – they’re two different countries.

The expert stresses: you can complain, let’s suppose, about those economic reforms. But the Revolution of Dignity was only the beginning of the construction of European Ukraine. This is a long process, but the main thing is not to give up, believe and fight.

But Iryna Gerashchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, said that the ultimate victory will come on the day Ukraine joins NATO and the EU, when it will fairly become a regional leader of Eastern Europe.

The blogger Olena Dobrovolska admitted, that during these years the most remembered were the things, connected with the tough confrontation – fights, burning tires, church alarms, shootings and deaths. According to the blogger, she never had a question “What was Maidan fighting for?”. For some people maybe it was about tariffs. And for the others – about freedom and free people.

Borys Khersonskyi, a writer, shared his own thoughts on whether he would have supported Maidan, if he’d known about all the consequences of our revolution, in particular, the annexation of the Crimea and the occupation of Donbas. According to the author, asking such a question means agreeing with the main slogans of Russian propaganda in recent years.

Said Ismagilov, a mufti of the Clerical Board of Ukraine’s Muslims “Ummah”, is convinced that five years ago we had two ways: either we get closer to Europe in values and culture, or we forcefully return to the “values” of the Soviet-imperial “Russian World”. On this actual dilemma, the Revolution of Dignity began.

Mustafa Nayyem, a people’s deputy, re-published his own post from 2015, which emphasizes: everything that happened to us at that time is infinitely valuable. Every minute, every photo, every pair of eyes, every pair of hands, which brought sandwiches and tea, a mysterious ballerina, a wounded boy under the bridge over the Institutska Street, the eyes of the relatives of the dead – all of them are in our memory, and it’s quite difficult to open this memories box more often than once a year.

Petro Poroshenko joined the discussion of the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, congratulating Ukrainians on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

Hanna Uliura, a literary scholar, shared her thoughts on the Revolution and the beginning of the war in Ukrainian literature. Here, in her opinion, Maidan is primarily a “night” from February 18 to February 21, and that “night” continues as the war continues.

The writer Olena Zakharchenko wrote yesterday, that on the anniversary of the Maidan, it will again be as it was – instead of “let us remember how we won” will be like “let’s cry because we are worthy of regret, and nothing but regret”. The author stressed, that she did not try to devalue the tears and pain, because she suffered herself and cried out then, but most importantly – we finally won.

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, Volodymyr Viatrovych, in his turn, wished Ukrainians not to forget what happened five years ago, so that once this day became a holiday for us.

Journalist Tetiana Danylenko wrote, that during Maidan and the beginning of the war our people really showed themselves as a nation with a history and a sense of dignity. But, to tell the truth, for the last time. After all, according to the author of the text, when the war turned out to be under the difficult circumstances of the agreements, we gradually became a people who are waiting for something but gives nothing instead. The journalist’s conclusion – the whole “collective body” is just waiting for death. However, Danylenko adds, “I wish it was a mistake”.

And, how the Revolution of Dignity is remembered by famous Ukrainians read in a special material from Opinion.

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