Yesterday, one more KFC restaurant was opened in Kyiv. It could be okay, but a new restaurant is located on Independence Square in the Trade Unions Building. The place where people died in a fire, now KFC opened on the fifth anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. More details – in reactions from Opinion.

From the moral and ethical point of view, the opening of KFC is very cynical. Political expert Olexiy Minakov is convinced in this. According to him, not enough time has passed to allow oneself such frivolities. However, we can’t rule out the version of conscious provocation, taking into account the symbolic date of the fast-food restaurant opening – the Day of Dignity and Freedom. Moreover, according to the Ukrainian version of the KFC website, its real estate, and development department is located in Moscow.

Journalist Oleksii Bratushchak also wrote about contact information on the Ukrainian version of the site. He stressed that this is some kind of an answer to all the questions about the opening of a restaurant in the Trade Unions Building and the choice of the Revolution of Dignity anniversary as an opening date.

Bohdan Yaremenko, a diplomat and civic activist, instead emphasized the significance of KFC abbreviation: “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. Fried Chickens. Fried. In the Trade Unions Building. In the place where people were burned.

Blogger Olena Dobrovolska reminded that in Odesa there is also a Trade Unions Building. However, according to the author, taking into account that our enemies died there, nobody had this idea of opening some restaurants with food. For, there should be a certain edge that separates a human from a non-human.

Martyn Brest, ATO veteran, a blogger and writer, also treated the news quite sharp, with sarcasm. According to this logic, he offered to open gambling houses at Savur Mohyla, as well as a restaurant under Ilovaisk.

At the same time, journalist Yana Brenzey tried to express, according to her words, not a very popular opinion: if this place is really sacred for us, for the city and for the country, then why hadn’t the state bought it and opened a museum there? While the Trade Unions Building belongs to trade unions, square meters will be sold and rented, because, this is an elite real estate in the center of the capital. And then what’s the difference – will there be a KFC with a vivid sign or some office?

By the way, about museums. Political scientist Yuriy Romanenko expressed the opinion that the situation with KFC is interesting because of the fact that people on any occasion want to create a museum. According to Romanenko, the best museum of the Revolution of Dignity would be improved economy, the army with modern equipment that is able to break any plans of the aggressor and the state, which removes from the budget those who want to steal from it.

Journalist Galya Plachynda, in her turn, stressed that she doesn’t want the restaurant to be burned down. In her opinion, it’s way better if the city mayor comes by, closes the restaurant and apologizes to everyone, in whose eyes people were burning in that building. However, the author believes that this won’t happen. Therefore, she doesn’t mind popular justice.

Myroslav Hai, a blogger, volunteer and coordinator of the “Myr i Ko” Foundation, wrote that if he was KFC director he would close this place in the Trade Unions Building. If KFC was there before, giving food and heat to the victims, as did many other cafes on Maidan – that’s one thing. The other is that the restaurant was opened in the place where people were burnt.

However, journalist Oleksandr Demchenko is convinced that the story with KFC is quite manipulative. First of all, on the place where bodies of the deceased were put, now stands kiosk with hot dogs, and nobody mentions it. Secondly, the one who gave permission to open it could not have been unaware of the consequences and reactions. And it’s possible that one of the politicians will soon play on this issue. Therefore lower your emotion.

It is clear that the news about the fried chicken restaurant on the place of the tragedy wasn’t ignored by the activists. According to the leader of C14 Yevhen Karas, a small performance that questioned whereabouts of KFC conscience was arranged. After an hour of the campaign, law enforcement officers cracked down on the activists and began “packing” them up. At the same time, lawyer Masi Nayyem, brother of the MP Mustafa Nayyem, has also suffered. However, in a while, all activists were released.

The information was confirmed by Masi himself when he made public information about law enforcement officers who used special measures against him while he was doing lawyer’s job and protecting his client.

Commenting on this situation, the MP Mustafa Nayyem emphasized that law enforcement officers were not members of the patrol police, most likely it was a special police force. In general, Nayyem, to put it mildly, is shocked by the course of events.

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