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The twenties of November have been accompanying our ordinary lives, work, and everyday events with incredible memories, sadness, and bright hope for the past few years. Because these, the twenties of November, both in 2004 and in 2013, have already become the history of Ukraine. We, without exaggeration, are witnesses of these pages of Ukrainian history and it’s good if we understand this and every day we should live up to Freedom and Dignity, gained by many generations.

Let’s have a glimpse of November 21st and together see what the weather was then on the Independence Square.

In Kyiv, it was clear then, around 9 degrees in the afternoon, and +6 +7 degrees in the evening. Periodically, there was rain and patches of fog.

What the weather will be in Ukraine and Kyiv now? In the coming days, a powerful anticyclone of Scandinavian origin will influence the synoptic situation of most of our regions with its branch.

Therefore, significant precipitation is unlikely, only a southern cyclone over Turkey will sprinkle light snow and sleet on the Carpathians and Subcarpathia. The air temperature will freeze your cheeks a little. At night, in Ukraine, it is expected to be -4 -10 degrees, and during the day the thermometers will fluctuate within +3 +2 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, November 25, the air temperature in Ukraine will rise to +1 +5 degrees, and in the southern part even to +5 +10 degrees. However, this warming will be accompanied by rain and in some places by sleet. An atmospheric front will arrive.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


At the beginning of the next week, November 26-27, wet weather with occasional precipitation will prevail in most regions of Ukraine. Air temperature will fluctuate around zero and small “pluses”.

On Wednesday-Thursday, November 28-29, precipitation will gradually stop. And the air temperature will again drop to light and moderate frosts. In some places, ice may wait for you on the roads. It will be cold and dry in the coming days in Kyiv. The air temperature at night will drop to -2-6 degrees, and during the day it is expected to be around zero.

On November 25, it will warm up to +1 +3 degrees in the capital and there will be rain, in some places sleety. On November 26-27, the wet weather in Kyiv will remain. On November 28, dry weather will prevail again, but the lower air temperature will return, at night -2 -5 degrees, in the daytime around zero.

The weather of the next days stays without any special and unpleasant surprise, November corresponds to its position and status. So, we need to learn ‒ to be always in our place, not to desire someone else’s, not to give away ours. Sometimes, freedom and dignity look modest and unnoticeable ‒ you just have to spot it. And always keep inside.

Natalka Didenko

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