This night, most likely, MPs and… journalists dreamed of sleeping. The sleepless night in Verkhovna Rada gave its results – the budget for the next year was adopted. At 6 am, the deputies at last found some strength, and after a half-day of controversies, they managed to vote for the main financial budget of the country. More details – in reactions from Opinion

So what about the budget? Political expert Olexiy Minakov emphasizes that this time they used traditional tactics of exhaustion so that it would be difficult for sleepy deputies to see the “schemes”. Well, some kind of there is no time for explanations – vote. However, MPs have set a new record – the budget was adopted by the end of November.

But the key difference between the final version of the budget and the one from the first reading, according to the expert, is the increase of gas prices for the population.  Also, the foundation for the Support of Educational and Scientific Programs of the President of Ukraine should receive 1 billion UAH from the budget. It is obvious that that for this president will be criticized by political opponents. That’s all, my dear people’s deputies, you can sleep.

Political analyst Viktor Taran, while reflecting on “perfection” of the budget, stressed that the price of an effective political decision is always a compromise and a balance of interests. That’s what we have, kitters.

And where you can find no criticism of the newly-made budget? Of course, on the Prime Minister’s page. According to Volodymyr Groysman, the approved budget is a balanced and realistic document, where all priority areas of financing – army, security, education, medicine, and further decentralization – are preserved. Pardon me, where are language and church?

Let’s play a little bit with the contrast. Before we had the confidence of Groysman, now let’s have a little panic from Oleh Lyashko. The leader of the “Radical Party” named the vote “a night of national humiliation”, as the budget was allegedly adopted not for Ukrainians, but for the satisfaction of IMF. Moreover, it is a budget for oligarchs and businessmen. A budget of shame and humiliation.  However, the funniest thing in this whole post is: “I will radically revise the budget after the presidential election.” That’s right, Mr. Oleh, men do not cry, they silently and radically revise budgets.

Andriy Smoliy, a blogger and civic activist, has already tried to highlight the negative and positive aspects of the budget. From the positive sides – the period of tax-free customs clearance of electric vehicles was extended, a large sum of money was allocated to the cinema, also there will be huge expenditures on the Ukrainian army. As for the negative – the parcels from abroad that cost more than 100 euro will be taxed, also pennies were allocated for housing for young people. Something like this.

Politician Mykola Tomenko christened the budget “night, drunk and elective”. Night, because … well, you’ve guessed it on your own, why am I trying on shoes of a wise man here? Drunk – because from the words of some deputies and journalists, in the morning the alkoclimate in the hall exceeded all allowable rates. Khm, excuse me, but is there any allowable rate of alcoholism in the Verkhovna Rada? And this budget is elective because its main priority is funding of Poroshenko’s election campaign. Well, when there will be a budget – we’ll see.

Philip Illienko, the head of Derzhkino, even explained the custom of deputies to adopt the budget at night in terms of cultural studies. Here, my darlings, you need to turn on your sense of humor again. So, he says, in this custom the traditions of European romanticism, mysticism and contemporary performance art.

People’s Deputy Ostap Yednak stressed that adopted budget guarantees the IMF tranche, therefore, it guarantees financial stability and reliability of the state as a borrower. As well it is strengthening the national currency. Somewhere, one Mr. Lyashko must be crying with all his dislike of the IMF.

Columnist Dmytro Lytvyn is still convinced that if the voting in the night before new year can be explained, the extraordinary rush in November looks somehow strange. And if during this very new year’s eve citizens are already not interested in politics, then in November there is still interest.

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