Today, the president of the National Academy of Sciences Borys Paton turned 100. For many, the scientist is a modern legend, after all, he rules the NASU for about half of his life, managed to become the author of more than a thousand publications, made many discoveries and became the Hero of Ukraine for the first time in a history. About how Paton was greeted on the network – in the reactions from Opinion.

Of course, the anniversary of the scientist did not go unnoticed by the Ukrainian authorities – the Ukrainian president also sent his congratulations to Borys Paton in a letter. Petro Poroshenko expressed his greatest respect to the scientist and, among other things, wished him more and more new achievements in the name of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Groysman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, joined in congratulations. But, he did it without letters, adding a short post, in which he thanked Paton for dedicated work and wished him to live a long life.

However, today not only the scientist and inventor Borys Paton celebrates the anniversary, but also the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, they were literally born in one day. Yes, NASU today also turned hundred. On this occasion, on the page of the Academy Paton’s address was published, where he congratulates everyone with an outstanding date. In particular, Paton emphasizes that crossing the boundary of the first century of its existence, the Academy is trying to face the future with hope and optimism. The scientist believes that the best times of Ukrainian science are still ahead.

The leader of the “Radical Party”, also joined to the greetings noting, that the outstanding scientist has more than 1000 scientific publications and 400 inventions. Well, Oleh Lyashko couldn’t write something without boasting at the same time. He said that next year he had succeeded to get an additional 200 million hryvnias for the National Academy in the budget. But he also promised to do everything possible to ensure, that the National Academy of Sciences develops and has the state’s support. Oh, Mr Oleh, and how will you find time for all those things: time for buying the Ukrainian and for science improving and for singing on camera. Still, you also have to block the rostrums while making important decisions. Wow, you are so busy.

People’s Deputy Olha Bohomolets also greeted Borys Paton. She says the scientist’s inventions are used all around the Earth and even in space. He taught doctors from all over the world to weld live tissues and saved millions of lives. Bohomolets admitted, that for her family, the National Academy of Sciences is especially important because her great-grandfather also had the honour to lead it.

Roman Bezsmertnyi, a politician, a diplomat and one of the authors of the Constitution of Ukraine, instead emphasized, that  Paton has actually got more than 700 inventions, about 4,000 scientific articles and patents. Thanks to his work, people learned to weld materials both in space and underwater.

Oleksandr Roitburd, the artist and the head of the Odessa Art Museum, also wrote about Paton and the National Academy of Sciences. Saying that the symbolism is like the worldview.

But dithyrambs are not the only thing. Journalist Julia Piatetska reminded that Paton was one of the academics, who signed a letter in 1973 condemning Andrii Sakharov. In 2017, the scientist set three records: he became the oldest president of the state academy in the world by age, by being on a position and by being the same age with the Academy of Sciences. Well, the cherry on top of this post: Paton’s NAS has included such scientists as… Mykola Azarov and Volodymyr Lytvyn. And you say, there is no stability.

And for those who have read to this part and still cannot imagine what it is like to live for a hundred years, a post by blogger Vitalii Chepynoha. He says Paton was born when Einstein was only “writing his pseudoscientific nonsense”, the X-ray was about to appear, and there still was no penicillin. Not to mention DNA. The blogger is joking that, in addition to all the inventions, Paton also discovered immortality, however, left it for himself.

But Oleksii Kopytko, the deputy head of the board of the Ukrainian Center for Museum Development, called Paton… Ramesses II of our time. Like, several generations of ancient Egyptians did not know another Pharaoh, in addition, he always remained a living God. Something similar, according to the author, is happening now in the National Academy of Sciences.

And finally, a question that seems to put us in a movie with the Terminator. The author of the post asks, with what kind of steel Paton is welded? With Ukrainian, friend, with Ukrainian.

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