The commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko stressed that the entrained in the Kerch Strait Ukrainian sailors are forced to give false testimony under pressure, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

“The crews of vessels are now in different places. Three soldiers, one officer and two contractors who were injured, are in the hospital in the city of Kerch.

Ships are at the point of departure, where the FSB launches. And there is already some evidence of false information from our sailors,” said Voronchenko.

“There was already a video of three sailors who gave evidence of psychological and physical influence. I know these sailors from Nikopol, they have always been honest professionals in their business. And what they are saying now is not true,” the commander of the Navy said.

He added that lawyers had already met with these servicemen.

It was reported that the Russian Federal Security Service said they questioned Ukrainian sailors detained on the eve of the Kerch Strait.

In the Russian Federation, they say that two SBU officers were found among Ukrainian sailors.

The FSB also posted a video of Ukrainian sailors, in which they claim that allegedly violated the “territorial waters” of the RF at sea.

The video shows that sailors read a pre-written text.

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