Well, the martial law was voted for, supported, Opinion even tried to explain what to expect from it in reality, but… Is it possible to stop or frighten courageous warriors of maximum repost and the armchair hundred? These fighters stand to the last like, putting all their courage in the needs of Russian propaganda. Let’s sort it out in the reactions on Opinion.

You know, my dear, in fact, the network is getting plenty of that stuff, you don’t know where to look first, you think, oh Lord, what first to complain about, whom to unfriend first, and who should you laugh at. But let’s start with the classics that has got … attention, more than 50 thousand reposts. And this is only at a time when some good man made a screenshot. What is in it? It is about the fact, that Poroshenko is a badass, who tricked everyone, and in fact, the martial law will be around the whole country, and, of course, the maximum repost to all groups. Oh Lord, my dear, save intelligent people, and those ones who repost send to Moscow so that they could be cozy and happy there together.

Actually, now you can be surprised, but Facebook groups, OK.ru and VK.com are not the greatest evil. The greatest evil is “Viber”. Let’s have a look at a typical simple chat of nail masters and other mysticism, we join it – to monitor open hours and to make a reservation or something like that. And what do we get then? And then some Nadia will write you that from tomorrow all our phone conversations will be tapped, social networks will be monitored.

And the main thing! Be extremely careful, do not say anything to anyone, do not write, and do not even breathe without a special need, because you are already spied, they are coming for you, and in reality, you have already been imprisoned for a year because of that post about stupid authorities, and this is all just a dream. Wake up, warriors of reposts!

So, the Russian propaganda minions attack us from all sides, they come from the flanks and, as by the magic, materialize in the parents’ chats and in groups of nail masters. Only there? Here’s another example of a brilliant fake, which our benefactors don’t hesitate to distribute. One can see it badly, but there’s supposed to be an order from the Minister of Defense, where he orders (and in brackets offers, isn’t it brilliant?) to compensate the lack of transport by cars on European license plates. Oh Lord, I haven’t asked you for anything for so long, but it seems to me that those people, who spread such stuff and those who on scales in a supermarket write ” tongerine” – are the same servants of yours.

Well, ok but how about that? Urgent mobilization, you must immediately come to the military unit, in case of ignoring it for three days, you will be in a court. We, will, not, put, commas, where needed, of course, the martial law, you got it. Dear Vlad, because Vladyslav is an extra money from a poor defense budget.

Here they decided to add a little more words, but, of course, it didn’t save the situation. But what’s most surprising is that they are already spreading it well. So, my dear hamsters, who like to repost this Moscow basement humor. Click here to read everything, then click here again, read the law itself, then go to your page, delete the profile, give your “car on European license plates” to the Minister of Defense, wall salt and buckwheat around you and wait for the end of the world. Do not thank.

In order not to make unfounded statements, I show a screenshot, where citizens are actually urged not to believe in fake and carefully check any information, use data from official sources and do not distribute false accusations. But this is for the weak, right?

But there’re still great people in this world and a wonderful sense of humor. And if common sense does not save everyone, then at least you can try to get through to them in this way. For example, an alternative version of dialogue with “two colonels”. Here, Poroshenko has already extended the martial law until 2785, there will be no alcohol on the New Year, and the martial law will be inherited and written in every passport. Great, isn’t it?

Or like that, as in Dmytro Ivanov’s writings. In 30 days, the regions will exchange the martial law to take a rest, only those, who have a military service record books will be able to enter the shops, and no more than a teaspoon of salt in one hand. Everyone at the age of 6 months to 95 years will be mobilized. And, the top one: sex only with the permission of the commandant, and the Internet – under control of the SBU. It’s ridiculous, but some of the hamsters may get afraid.

We continue the marathon of conscious trolling from conscious citizens. In fact, my dear, Poroshenko really tricked everyone. An order that every pensioner should get AK-47 has already been carried out. Now the life without a “helmet” – is impossible. You can be shot for matches.

The terrible thing happened in the family of a social activist Serhii Sternenko. A 9-month-old sister is already wearing a uniform, a 7-year-old brother became the owner of a tank, and a 9-year-old asks how to deal with a self-propelled gun. That’s great, Serhii, thank you.

Or like that. Here is the trolling for those, who not knowing something, can at least google it. I laughed, and in the network, some people spread it all with a serious face and another new portion of you-know-what against the authorities.

And, in the end, sorry for a bit of a sharp word, the real finale of the plot for those, who are now going to add to their page one more “maximum repost”. Therefore, my dear, take care of yourself, your info field, do not share fake, and at least once a month feed your Russian slaves. Because someone has to run and get salt and matches.

Reactions were collected and shined bright like a diamond Stepan the Goat

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