The Ministry of Agrarian Policy assures that a 30-day warship will not lead to food shortages as the supply of products is far higher than demand. The first deputy minister of agrarian policy and food Maksym Martynyuk wrote about this in a column on Ukrainska Pravda.

“We keep regular statistics on providing the regions with basic food products. The supply of products is far exceeding demand, there are no grounds for concern,” he wrote.

Martyniuk noted that on November 26, the ministry officials conducted “purely peasant monitoring of the situation” in retail chains in different parts of the capital and “did not record the atypical bursts of demand – nobody took 10 packs of salt home.”

“Products are more than adequate in all basic categories, and it is available at any time, and in the case of a speculative rise in prices, we have a wide range of tools to extinguish them,” assured the first deputy minister.

Martynyuk also brought balances of demand and supply of basic food products.

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