Putin’s kum (godfather of your child – translator’s note) and the leader of the pro-Russian organization “Ukrainian Choice” Viktor Medvedchuk no longer takes part in Minsk negotiations on tackling the situation in the Donbas. Yevhen Marchuk, a representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group, told about this in his interview. More about unnoticed news – in reactions from Opinion.

In the interview with BBC, Yevhen Marchuk noted that the format of Minsk negotiations didn’t change but, as far as he knows, during the negotiations, Viktor Medvedchuk was a representative of SBU and the mediator at the level between the presidents. This time from SBU – there’re already several rounds of another person. However, Marchuk added that the question on Medvedchuk’s role as a politician and mediator in contacts between presidents is another topic that doesn’t concern Minsk negotiations.

Semen Kabakayev, a coordinator of the Stop Terror group, expressed hope that now, law enforcement agencies will deal with Medvedchuk, and we can send him in jail. “We shouldn’t allow the Kremlin agents to influence public political opinion, to prosper and make money in Ukraine,” Kabakayev emphasized.

Myroslav Hai, a blogger, volunteer and coordinator of the Peace&Co foundation, stressed that we shouldn’t give in to provocations and that the enemies of Ukraine shouldn’t negotiate on our behalf, selling national interests. According to the blogger, he likes such a tougher position of the state.

However, MP Andriy Levus is convinced that Yevhen Marchuk’s words in the interview aren’t enough. The relevant documents are needed, that is, the decree of the president of Ukraine or the order of SBU.

But the blogger, Olga Len, noted that it’s just the time for Putin to release some of the Ukrainian prisoners as part of the rescue operation of the “Kum” agent.

And finally, in this rather short reaction – a bit of humour from the blogger Borys Nemyrovsky. Practically brief instruction for betrayers, three scenarios for posts, grab while they’re still warm, and stay tuned to the right news.

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