The current head of the UOC-KP Patriarchate, Patriarch Filaret will not run for the position of the head of the Single Local Ukrainian Church. This was reported by Andriy Kovalyov, a religious scientist, who used to work in the information department of the UOC-KP, writes Hromadske.

“According to my information, he (Filaret – ed.) Will not run for the presidency… Most likely, for the public, for Ukrainian society, the figure of the presiding officer, whom the council chooses to presume on December 15, will be an unknown bishop. But, in my opinion, it will be a man from the Kyiv Patriarchate, because the bishops of this patriarchate will be in the majority”, said Kovalev.

According to him, from 7 to 15 bishops from the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate will be present at the Sobor. It should be noted that 15 bishops of the UOC-MP were asked to grant an autocephaly to the Ukrainian church in Constantinople.

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