Today, on December 6, Ukraine marks the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is possible thanks to every Ukrainian who made the defense of our country their entire life’s work. The holiday which is worth celebrating. The holiday which is anniversary this year – 25th. How our defenders were congratulated on the network – in reactions from Opinion.

It’s clear that today nearly all posts are about the Armed Forces of Ukraine – these are the words of gratitude for everyone who defends our country and fights back the enemy. Our president has joined these greetings. Petro Poroshenko thanked our defenders for hundreds of Ukrainian cities and tens of thousands of villages and settlements that have the opportunity to lead a peaceful life. And not only Ukrainian ones, because it’s our defenders who hold the shield of security of all European civilization.

Separately, the president stressed that our army has proven: it’s a fundamental core for Ukraine’s independence, that is ready to respond to any challenge and protect from any threat.

And, to finally get the title of “Porohobot”, I’ll add that the first… cat appeared in the president’s feed. The cat, who became the first “resident” of the new model dormitory for the military. Well, it’s merely possible to do without fluffy kittens on the networks.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman also joined the congratulations, thanking our defenders for the brave defense of independence.

The Minister of Healthcare Ulyana Suprun thanked those who defend our country, stressing that apart from the external enemy, it’s necessary to restrain the revenge of the pro-Russian forces from the inside. But while we have a strong Ukrainian army, we have the opportunity to continue to make positive changes and defeat all internal enemies. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity and the strength to change the country for the better!”, emphasized Suprun.

The patrol police of Ukraine addressed with greetings and gratitude the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the page of the department, the military were wished strong spirit, unwavering faith and clear mind. It was stressed that they’re the honor and pride of the country. It can be said, “Our future is in trustworthy hands.”

Roman Kulyk, a blogger and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, is convinced that it’s the Ukrainian Armed Forces that are the only real guarantee of our freedom because without our heroism and resilience of the Ukrainian army there would never have been our state.

Instead, a volunteer Rodion Shovkoshytnyi emphasized that this isn’t the day of the “male half of the office”, and not the day “well, you’ve been there too”, but the holiday of women and men who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces.

Dmytro Yarosh and Anton Herashchenko either have one SMM specialist or the lack of fantasy. Or how to explain that they both have decided to crack a funny but the same joke? For the justice sake, I’ll add that Herashchenko’s post appeared an hour earlier.

Instead, a blogger Borys Nemyrovskyi reminded that twenty years ago there was little mention of this holiday: it’s a day that simply didn’t evoke interest in anyone. Why? For Ukrainians have been told for twenty years that they don’t need an army, a navy and a weapon. All changed, according to the blogger, only when the “brothers” seized the Crimea and stepped from the east to the Donbas.


Yes, and our army today isn’t “barefooted boys”, but really one of the best armies in Europe, which has proven its strength. Today this is intelligent, reliably dressed, equipped and armed soldiers who know their weapons, their duty and, most importantly, their enemies.

The writer Oleksandr Irvanets devoted several verses to our defenders, in which he emphasized, “The glory to the heroes because we do have real heroes.”

Of course, the MP Oleg Lyashko couldn’t pass by this topic and after congratulations began to once again talk about how to increase spendings on defense and re-equipment of the army. You know, Mr Oleg, I have nothing against greetings from politicians. If they were without PR, it would be great.

Olesya Yakhno-Belkovska, a political expert, wrote about the fact that we really have someone to be proud of. In her opinion, over the years, we all realized that defensiveness is one of the mandatory conditions for the preservation of Ukrainian statehood.

In the end, I’ll add a little bit of humor, so that everyone learns: the bad attitude towards the Armed Forces of Ukraine has a directly proportional effect. Hope everyone has a good sense of humor.

And remember: if we believe in our country, then this includes our army. Congrats on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, kittens! And thank you, wonderful women and no less wonderful men who guard our peace every day.

Collected reactions and swelled with pride for our army Stepan the Goat

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