About the small victories. Verkhovna Rada accepted the termination of the treaty of friendship between Ukraine and Russia. The president’s initiative was supported by 277 people’s deputies, the whole faction “Opposition block”, what is quite expectedly, has not voted. Read more about the end of the “friendship” in the reactions from Opinion.

Petro Poroshenko stressed that in the current conditions of continuing aggression, there can be no talk of friendship, cooperation, and partnership with the Russian aggressor on the conditions, inscribed in the treaty itself. The President also hopes that international partners will also revise the principles of their relationship with the Kremlin.

According to the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Iryna Gerashchenko, the treaty has not been terminated but suspended, and there is a big difference in this aspect. The gap on which the opposition speculated these years would have led to a deterioration of our evidential and legal position in the courts because Russia would speculate that Ukraine itself broke off the agreement.

Former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that the so-called friendship is long gone, but there is a vile, undeclared total aggression. However, it is impossible to stop here. According to the politician, the next steps should be the termination of diplomatic relations and the agreement on the “common” status of the Sea of Azov and the imposition of additional Ukrainian sanctions on Russia.

Opinion about the need to break the agreement on the Sea of Azov was supported by Semen Kabakayev, he also emphasized on the need for a visa regime or even the complete closure of the border.

The people’s deputy Hanna Gopko, in her turn, said that Russia had never taken this treaty seriously because all 20 years of its operation were actually a time of blackmail, provocation, economic and political pressure, informational aggression. However, according to the people’s deputy, the termination of the contract is an important but not sufficient step.

Though, Oleg Lyashko, the leader of the “Radical Party”, continued his series of publications about the unheard initiatives of his political force. It always goes this way, he tries, he tries, and then the bad politician Poroshenko takes and implements everything by himself.

However, about the same, only from the party “Samopomich” wrote the people’s deputy Yegor Sobolev. In addition to the termination of the contract, the politician proposed to prohibit buying the aggressor state’s goods that may be produced in Ukraine or imported from friendly countries. And also, he suggested to introduce visas for citizens of the Russian Federation and to break off diplomatic relations with it.

But it did not end with the “radicals” and “Samopomich”. Andrii Ilyenko, from the party “Svoboda”, wrote that the termination of the treaty was proposed by his party back in 2014. Well, listen, my friends, it’s up to you to decide who was first, and then re-read the message of Iryna Gerashchenko. Maybe it will help.

Well, how could the “Ukrop” member Taras Batenko refrain from mentioning 2014? Of course, he couldn’t. Among all, the deputy added that the agreement had a general nature and forced Ukraine to develop a strategic partnership with the aggressor, in particular, imposed on us the obligation to cooperate with the Russian Federation in the field of disarmament and the like.

And, finally, let’s just recall with a quiet word… Oh, that is, let’s remember those, who decided to vote against the termination of this “glorious” treaty.

Small victories were praised and reactions were collected by Stepan Porokhobotenko

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