Hey, did you miss new political campaigns of the leader of the band Okean Elzy? The singer has recently answered the question what needs to be done in order for him to go into politics. Vakarchuk says that… it should be done like that he has no other choice. More about a whimsical frontman – in reactions from Opinion.

So, while Mr Vakarchuk is waiting for an official invitation from the voters, the network has already begun to discuss such a “shy” statement. For example, the diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko learned from the words of the singer that, as it turned out, politics is something the voter… can offer a policymaker in order the one has no choice. “The buckwheat, which voters carry to the political idol, and not vice versa, is a new word in Ukrainian politics” – here you go.

But the journalist and blogger Maryna Danylyuk-Yarmolayeva compared the singer with a “glamorous chick” when she writes something like “It’s hard to find me, it’s easy to lose me and it’s impossible to forget me.” True, Vakarchuk is a slightly different case, because it’s not just about the musician, but about a person who in the past has already had a badge of a people’s deputy.

The journalist Mariana Pietsukh also stressed that it’s not about a marriage (where, apparently, Vakarchuk could “play”), but about the fate of the whole country. The author also added that the singer’s frightened eyes in the Verkhovna Rada in 2006 when journalists approached him will long live in her memory. He constantly tried to keep a distance during a conversation, and then… he just took French leave and then he came back to “eat everyone’s brain with a spoon, giggling and chuckling”. Just like that.

Taras Kozak, a financier and president of the Univer investment group, said that he repeatedly attended the meetings with Vakarchuk, where the same question has been put: is he ready to use his rating for a political campaign? However, the singer has never answered these questions: either affirmatively or negatively. Instead, he incited the intrigue, talked about consultations, put forward various requirements, but (how unexpectedly) didn’t answer clearly. Now, according to Kozak, it’s clear why: the musician is simply afraid of losing the elections, hence the hesitation, loss of trust, falling ratings, disappointment of people.

Instead, political scientist Victor Taran proposed to imagine how, in case of victory, Vakarchuk, sitting on the Bankova, says something like “If you want me to institute reforms, make sure that I have no other option not to do so”. Well, the sad picture is coming out, agree.

In general, as Evgen Manzhenko pointed out, everything indicates that we are dealing with Schrödinger’s Vakarchuk.

And in the end, we will slightly dilute the ocean of Vakarchuk with Facebook creativity. “I’m just deeply modest and indecisive” – that’s all, my dear, the secret of the favourite is revealed.

And the last, I promise. For those, who are against such a candidate on the elections, there’s an awesome variant: freeze and do nothing. Maybe, we’ll dodge a bullet. God knows what our actions Svyatoslav Vakarchuk would take for a spur. So, beware and remember that musical world isn’t limited only to some Okean Elzy stuff.

Reactions collected and listened to Kurgan with Agregat Stepan the Goat

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