Today, people’s deputies did a good thing ‒ they renamed the UOC-MP for a more suitable option. And then they did something else. The same, what, obviously, was in your news feed: a fight between people’s deputy Yuriy Bereza, Nestor Shufrych, and Yuriy Boyko. On the updated counter and St. Nicholas, who is a little late with a gift ‒ in the reactions from Opinion.

As it was reported on the page of the movement Chesno, the fight was triggered by the people’s deputy Nestor Shufrych, by tearing a poster about Viktor Medvedchuk from the rostrum of the Ukrainian Parliament.

In the center of the delight of social networks’ users ‒ People’s Deputy from the “Narodnyi Front” Yuriy Bereza. On the net, the MP explained his actions quite simple: because they were completely insolent. According to the deputy, today Shufrych and his company from Opoblock wanted to demonstrate that in the Verkhovna Rada they can do whatever they want. In particular, they will tear down posters, “that annoy those, who are pulling their strings”. But, something went wrong.

For those, who are somehow incredibly out of context, here is a small “report” from C14 leader Yevhen Karas. In a nutshell: Shufrych tore off the poster, then he was taken back, Shufrych himself got hit in the face, and at the same time, Boyko also got his. And Mr. Murayev heroically competed with the air. But don’t forget about the main thing: the Moscow Patriarchate now has to officially indicate its name: “Russian Church”.

Myroslav Hai, a blogger, volunteer and coordinator of Myr and Co Foundation, noted that, although he was personally against the fights in the Parliament, in this case, it was impossible to do otherwise.

The blogger and writer Zoya Kazanzhy also stressed that it’s not worth fighting in the Parliament, but still everyone with undisguised pleasure watched the video of the fight. Well, actually not a fight. The dominance of Yuriy Bereza, it is better to say so.

Speaking of Shufrych, I immediately recall the case when he got some in Odesa. So, the blogger Olena Dobrovolskaya is sure that this time the people’s deputy got even more.

Meanwhile, the writer and translator Andriy Lyubka thanked Bereza for the good punch of the unfortunate countryman Shufrych, adding that “such people should be also punched”. However, according to the author, this is advice for the future.

But you can find some kind of match in it. So, the journalist Andriy Bulgarov humorously noted that in this way Bereza congratulated the Ukrainian people with the Saint Nicholas Day. Well, a little delayed, but not empty-handed.

The chairman of the Ukrainian delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Volodymyr Ariev, called the fight “a double hit of the Russian world”, which today, apart from the injured Shufrych and Boyko, also lost Ukrainian cover for its “church”.

A political scientist and publicist Stanislav Fedorchuk noted that it’s hard to find more pleasant video than the one where fifth column gets what it deserves in Ukraine.

Finally, the counter of days without Shufrych being beaten was reset:

Reactions were collected and counting was recommenced by Stepan the Goat

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