Wednesday, 19 February

During a series of explosions that occurred recently at a Christmas fair near the opera house in Lviv, Andriy Aliamsky, a soldier of the Armed Forces, provided the first aid to victims. More about ordinary heroes and the need to know how to help each other – in reactions from Opinion.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, after the passersby reported that near the place of explosions there were victims, a young man in the form run to them and commenced to give victims the first aid. He talked and joked with them, in order for them not to lose consciousness. The 24-year-old contract soldier Andriy Aliamskyi appeared to be this hero.

However, Andriy Aliamskyi got used to quick decisions and extreme situations. For two years he served in one of the infantry units and he’s a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war. In the infantry, Aliamskyi served as a military paramedic, so almost every day he had to deal with bullet wounds, landmine-related injuries, burns, etc. “If you know first aid, it can always save someone’s life,” the defender himself emphasizes.

On the page of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the Black Zaporizhians, they said that in the summer of 2017, soldier Aliamskyi was sent to them. Since during his service he managed to take courses on tactical medicine under the guidance of Canadian military, he became a medical instructor. In addition, a soldier fought for half a year near Kruta Balka next to Avdiivka.

Ulyana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health, told about the soldier’s deed on her web-page, stressing that every responsible citizen should be able to give first aid.

Ihor Zinkevych, one of the witnesses of the bombings in Lviv and the deputy of Lviv city council, also thanked Aliamskyi.

Deputy Minister of Information Policy Dmytro Zolotukhin said that the Ministry launched an advertising campaign on the importance of first aid courses and a small video tutorial with simple recommendations how to provide it. The author himself advised not to waste time and to take the upcoming workshops.

However, it should be understood that Andriy was ready for action, so he wasn’t lost and was able to help the victims, therefore, we must be ready as well, because, in fact, nothing prevents you from taking first aid course. Right?

Well, in conclusion: according to journalist Natalia Volosatska, after an incident, Andriy came to the hospital… to the girl whom he saved, and brought her flowers. You know, kittens, that’s just beautiful!

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