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Christmas Eve and Christmas, notwithstanding possible rain and thaw outside the window, will always be frosty and snowy for us. Because most of us remember the knee-deep snow and the creaking frost with luxurious patterns on the windows.

Any holiday is a holiday of childhood. And the best memories are those when there was a young mother, a cheerful grandmother, warmth and comfort in the house and the incredible smell of poppy pies. This year, on Christmas Eve and Christmas, the atmosphere itself decided to recall the childhood.

Ukraine will be dominated by a cold air mass of arctic origin. Already on January 5th, 6th and 7th in most areas the temperature will be -5 -12 degrees at night, and during the day the thermometers will fluctuate around 4-8 degrees below zero. Ice will get stronger on the roads.

On January 4th, difficult weather conditions are foreseen in the south and east of Ukraine, except for Odesa and Mykolayiv regions. On Friday, a powerful cyclone in the south-east and east of Ukraine will bring heavy snowfalls, blizzards, sticking of sleet, ice and increased winds to storm values. Such a synoptic situation will provoke accidents, drivers should be especially careful in these areas of Ukraine.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On January 5th, snow will fall in the east of Ukraine at night, and on Saturday afternoon only in the western part of Ukraine, on January 6th, small and moderate precipitation will cover most areas. At Christmas, snow is most likely in the western regions, in the rest of Ukraine ‒ either dense clouds, or small snow pellets.

On January 8th‒9th, frosts in Ukraine will increase: at night to -7 -14 degrees, in the north-east to -12 -18 degrees, in the daytime to -7 -12 degrees.

In the western regions, on the afternoon of January 9th, it will warm by 3-7 degrees. Substantial precipitation over the next Tuesday-Wednesday is unlikely, but in the afternoon of January 9th, the atmospheric front will bring snow and gusty wind to the western part. On January 10th, frosts in Ukraine will weaken, the air humidity will increase.

Frosty weather can provoke colds and aggravate broncho-pulmonary ailments, it’s time to take preventive health measures and take care of warm clothes. It’s time for woolen wraps, colorful shawls and embroidery of dense linen, which will decorate the holiday and protect from frost.

In Kyiv, Christmas Eve and Christmas promise to be frosty. In the capital on January 5th, 6th and 7th it is expected to be -5 -10 degrees at night, in the daytime it is expected to be -3 -6 degrees. It will be slippery on the roads.

On January 5th and 6th, there will be snowfalls, on January 7th, significant precipitation is unlikely. January 8th‒9th, in Kyiv, frost is expected to increase to nocturnal -8 -12 degrees, in the daytime to -4 -8 degrees. On Tuesday and Wednesday, dry weather will prevail, and on January 10th, snow will come to the capital and there will be weakening of the frost at 2-5 degrees.

Let the most joyful holiday of the year bring to our homes the birth of a new light, warmth, victory over hostile darkness, children’s laughter, surprise and a happy fairy tale, which, thanks to us, will become a sunny reality in our home country.

By Natalka Didenko

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