The outgoing week will go down in history of Ukraine forever: as if we woke up from the New Year anamnesis thanks to the news about the Tomos. How long was the way? 9 months, since the process began in Constantinople, 27 years — since independence, or several centuries when Ukrainian spiritual life has almost vanished? Historians will answer this question but we offer to recall key steps towards the Tomos and other important events of the week in the traditional Opinion digest.

For visual accompaniment of the text, the pictures by Stepan Ryabchenko, a contemporary artist from Odesa, were selected. The artist himself calls his work method “computer painting”: he explores the world of virtual reality, introducing its picturesque features. All his projects, among which one of the most successful is the series “Computer Viruses”, Ryabchenko creates on a computer and only then transfers to a canvas, print, ceramics, neon. As the present becomes history, modern painting from small studios gets into large museums (on the example of the same Ryabchenko), later the descendants will call him remarkable and epochal.

Last Sunday, the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew held a service in the main council of Ecumenical Orthodoxy in the Istanbul district of Istanbul ‒ a very rare event, after all, the Patriarch leads the liturgy only under significant circumstances.

And there was such a circumstance. The primate of the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epiphanius stood next to the first among equals in world Orthodoxy.

It is the presence of the Metropolitan of Kyiv that makes the service an event truly unique and uncommon. For the first time in the last several decades, the Ecumenical Patriarch presented the Tomos of autocephaly, and for the first time in history, this Tomos was received by the leader of the Ukrainian Church.

When the story began: on April 17th, when Poroshenko announced his intention to get the Tomos, in 1991, when Filaret began the fight for an independent Ukrainian church or several centuries ago when our clergy survived despite all the efforts of executioners.

The Vatican news portal announced the news about the election of Epiphanius as governor of the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The churches of Georgia and Greece and about a dozen countries expressed their support. This actually means that the new Ukrainian church was recognized in the civilized world.

Ukraine has finally gone its own way, but along with the entire civilized world.

At the same time, the stocktaking of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (it is still under the Moscow Patriarchate) discovered the loss of several valuable icons, and criminal proceedings were initiated on this fact.

The work of the commission took place under the supervision of monks, wardens of the caves and members of the spiritual council of the monastery. At the request of the vicar of the monastery, Metropolitan Pavlo, the altar premises of the Lavra churches are reviewed by men, since women are not allowed to be in the church altar.

This check took place for the first time in the 30-year history of the revived Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

The commission of the Ministry of culture during the inspection did not find 10 items.

“As of today, 10 items remain absent, the whereabouts of which have not been established. Law enforcement agencies have been informed”, said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture, Yuliya Datsenko.

She clarified that in the period from 1988 to 2000, the Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve transferred only 829 items to the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra of the male monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.

“According to the acts, 829 items were transferred to the monastery from the reserve, with the verification of the availability and precise location of 815 items, and 14 items were not detected. After completing the inspection, representatives of the monastery additionally provided a review of four items from those that were not found”, Datsenko noted.

Here’s a holy place, “holy people of the Moscow Patriarchate”. Draw your own conclusions.

By the way, about the conclusions. The unheralded war with Russia has been going on for almost 5 years, and many Ukrainians still do not understand this.

On January 7th, the cargo ship under the Panamanian flag “Volga-Balt” sank in the Black Sea near the coast of Turkey. The ship could not stand the effect of the wave, wrecked and began to sink.

13 people were on the board. 11 of them were citizens of Ukraine ‒ four of them died.

Later it turned out that the ship exported coal from part of the occupied Donbas to the ports of Turkey and other countries. Now the port of “Azov” is often used for illegal trade operations.

The rescued sailor Oleh Herashchenko (from Kherson) noted in a comment to Hromadske that the origin of the coal was unknown to him and the crew, “I didn’t know, it was not known to any of us. The port is very large there, the cargo of the same coal is very different: there is a small one, there is a large one — it is all black and it is not written on it where it comes from”.

He noted that he did not have information on the ownership of the vessel, “There was said Panama, we did not find out this information, didn’t want it, we didn’t need this information”.

When asked whether he knew something about the wreckage of the cargo ship “Volga-Balt” went to the ports of the annexed Crimea, the sailor noted that he did not have such information, because he worked just for two weeks on the ship.

The money does not smell ‒ it’s been clear to everybody, but what about the dead bodies?

And let’s talk about something pleasant so that the festive mood will not leave us. January 11th, a law providing for sex only with mutual consent came into force.

The network has already laughed at this ‒ will it really be necessary to take a certificate from a partner or to go together to the lawyer? Apart from a great sense of humor, it turned out that the Ukrainians are not yet ready to voice the problems associated with violence.

After all, this law strengthens the responsibility for sexual crimes and domestic violence.

In the Criminal Code, the law stipulates that committing acts of sexual activity without the voluntary consent of the victim (rape) is punished with imprisonment for a term from 3 to 5 years.

In general, this law primarily protects the rights of women. This is an important step to the real reign of rights and equality. But, as before, women should have the courage to report to the police on one’s own husband, because most often these are the relatives, who abuse force. However, this psychological issue of, perhaps, a whole nation cannot be tackled in one week.

Text by Kostyantyn Rul

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