Well, let’s update the list of applicants for the mace? Ihor Smeshko, a former chief of the SBU, announced his intention to take part in the presidential race. About the newly formed candidate and whom he can put a crimp in – in reactions from Opinion

So, Ihor Smeshko wrote about his decision on his Facebook page. He says he started processing documents for registration at the Central Election Commission and believes that “together – we will win.” In short, nothing new or special.

Nothing major but before that the journalist Dmytro Hordon published the video that calls Ihor Smeshko a perfect presidential candidate whom Ukraine needs in these ambiguous times. Subsequently, he added a post on his page, calling on the ex-head of the SBU to go to the election because he allegedly “has everything to be a president, whose name Ukrainians will speak with pride”.

So, about the ideal candidate. According to the political expert Oleksiy Minakov, this whole statement of Hordon looked like… bullshit. Starting from zero recognition of Smeshko among the people, zero ratings, prospects and ending with the phrase “the perfect presidential candidate”. However, the expert doesn’t exclude that Hordon could be simply asked. Well, “for old time’s sake”.

So, what’s there about Smeshko on the net? For example, the journalist Viktor Leshyk admitted he has high hopes for this candidate, who is “an uncontested intellectual and a person capable of thinking systematically”. Moreover, Leshyk is convinced that such a candidate can set a new level in the electoral debate. Oh, yeah.

But the blogger and social activist Nazar Prykhodko is sure that it is Smeshko who remains one of the main suspects in the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko.

MP Ihor Mosiichuk was rather skeptical about the candidacy of Smeshko. At first, the “radical” gave Andriy Sadovyi hell but as for the former chief of SBU, the people’s elect hinted at the puff piece in the media and artificial “electoral weight”.

By the way, about Sadovyi. More recently, he said that he had been followed by intelligence services. So, as far as the blogger Helgi Sharp perfectly noticed this pattern, shortly thereafter, Smeshko decided to run for the presidency (ex-chief of SBU, don’t forget). Coincidence? Who knows. War veteran Sviatoslav Stetsenko described the newly-formed candidate more restrainedly. He said that he is an experienced general of special services of the Kuchma team. He said and added: such ones can’t be former.

However, as the blogger and columnist Dmytro Lytvyn notes that in the interview with Hordon Ihor Smeshko looked much more persuasive and prepared than some of the campaign favorites. For example, the same Anatoliy Hritsenko should have tried to respond equally briefly and clearly.

And Oleksandr Ruzhansky believes that Smeshko is unlikely to be able to select any voters, but it is possible that the “cards” can be spoilt by individual candidates because they are more likely to have non-public information almost about everyone. The blogger suggested that a new candidate, although he doesn’t have a real chance of winning, can hint about his usefulness at someone who is more or less realistic.

Ihor Solomadin, a teacher and activist of Kharkiv’s EuroMaydan, suggested that Smeshko “plays” in the field of Anatoliy Hrytsenko, but looks more persuasive, logical and system-thinking. His task is to “bite off” a significant part of Hrytsenko’s electorate. In general, the impression is supposedly not bad, although he is “speaking mechanically, like a robot”.

And finally, an absolutely imagined (but still possible) story about the appearance of the new candidate from the head of the press-service of National Corps Party, Roman Chernyshov. See you!

Reactions were collected and the presidency was pondered over by Stepan the Goat

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