Today, Ukraine marks Memorial Day for remembering the defenders of the Donetsk airport. 242 servicemen, volunteers, physicians and volunteers heroically held the defense of the airport. They withstood. It was only the concrete which failed. About the cyborgs’ feat and the memory – in reaction from Opinion.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine emphasized that despite the fact that the years are passing, we still remember the feat of cyborgs. After all, the airport became world-famous not due to low-costs. It was hell as it is.

A thematic artistic event with the participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine orchestras and other military formations are planned to mark the anniversary of the 242-day defense of the Donetsk airport. The event on honoring the heroes’ feat will take place on January 21 at the airport “Boryspil”.

Instead, on the page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, they stressed that our defenders were called “cyborgs” for their stability and invincibility. In the end, they became the new symbol of the indelible spirit of our people.

The memory of defenders was also honored in the Ukrainian government. This was stated on the page by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

People’s Deputy Boryslav Bereza assured us that we will not forget this page of the newest history of Ukraine, because our heroes accomplished what seemed to be beyond a man’s power.

Serhiy Fil, the vice-chairman of the Lugansk regional state administration, said that the words “cyborg” and “hero” became synonymous, and the protection itself is a story about courage and self-sacrifice when you simply do not give up any meter of Ukrainian land.

People’s Deputy Victor Kryvenko emphasized that the commemoration day was chosen by the cyborgs themselves. 242 days of continuous hell and 200 dead – defenders became a legend, a symbol of superhuman endurance and courage.

Yury Rudenko, a writer and ATO veteran, wrote that January 16 as a date of commemoration is quite controversial since the battles for the terminal lasted for more than a week after. In addition, four years ago, on that day, the battles took place not only in the Donetsk region. However, the most important thing to know is that Ukraine remembers its heroes, unlike Russia.

Rudenko’s opinion on the date of commemoration is upheld by the journalist Dmytro Lykhoviy. According to him, this day at the Donetsk Airport wasn’t marked with something special if compared with other days.

Vadym Svyrydenko, a Presidential Commisioner on rehabilitation of ATO veterans, reminded that the military actions near the Donetsk airport began on May 26, 2014. According to official figures, more than 200 soldiers were killed while protecting the airport.

Oleksandr Tretyakov, a People’s Deputy, noted that the word “cyborgs” was the first to be used by our enemies because they did not believe that living people would be able to withstand all these insane, uninterrupted attacks, shelling of artillery, tanks and “Grads”. But they withstood. However, the war continues, and on the day Ukraine commemorates its defenders, the Russian court extended the period of arrest for our seamen captured in the Kerch Strait. Sailors also show courage in front of the enemy and stay true to their country. Because they have the role models.

The blogger Olena Dobrovolska stressed that if someone gets our country out, it will be those who don’t fear. However, the price they pay for all of us is super-high. This is about our sailors, and about the defenders of the airport.

Victoria Amelina, the writer, admitted she dreams of landing again at the Donetsk Aiport. This, of course, will be a completely different airport, but the author is confident: it will happen. And it will be also called at that time – the Donetsk Cyborg Airport.

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