A man said ‒ a man… Well, almost did. People’s deputy Oleksii Honcharenko kept his word and went live in a “clown” costume after Zelensky had decided to go for president. True, the deputy confused something and instead of the promised costume, he tried to turn into the legendary Charlie Chaplin. More about the almost (un) fulfilled promise ‒ in the reactions from Opinion.

On his page, Oleksii Honcharenko himself said that he was ready to walk in a clown suit even his whole life if it would help Ukraine. Well, Mr. Oleksii, what can I tell you, so that the editor doesn’t delete it… In short, the people’s deputy assured that he fulfilled his promise and hinted (or said directly?) about the absurdity of the possible comic-presidency (or clown? I am confused) Volodymyr Zelensky.

A small spoiler: the deputy became a new reason for jokes and criticism on the net. But this is unlikely to upset him, in the next article Honcharenko admitted that he didn’t fully believe that Zelensky would still go to the presidency. Like, in the end, the leader of the “95th Kvartal” lacked a sense of humor.

Actually, the reaction was rather typical: the realization of the promise was hardly appreciated. So, a colleague of the hero of our reaction, people’s deputy Boryslav Bereza, said that promising to come in a clown costume and to come in a costume of a great comedian is the same as calling himself a knight but being an executioner from Lille. The sentence of the deputy: not credited, we are waiting for the full implementation.

The same idea was supported by Pavlo Tuka.

The journalist Bohdan Aminov also criticized the image of the people’s deputy, like, the clown is still a wig, makeup and red nose, and not the image of the world master of cinema. But there is a lot to learn: not everyone manages to present one of the best comedians in cinema history as a clown. So it goes.

However, I must admit that there are not only critics and jokes (we will reach them also). Blogger Pavlo Dalnoboy expressed his “respect” to the deputy, stressing that Honcharenko’s ability to keep the word, given by him, cannot evoke anything but respect.

But political analyst Mykhailo Basarab is convinced that the appearance of Honcharenko in such a role may hint that in the current election campaign all will be populists and clowns. All, but the current president. However, at the same time, the expert notes that Poroshenko’s technologists (if they really think so) are mistaken.

The journalist Andrii Tkachuk, in his turn, wrote that in fact, he would like to see a slightly different text with the heading “A man said – a man did”. Well, about removing immunity from people’s deputies, for example. But this, this was not promised. Or was?

And now let’s quickly go for jokes (or attempts to joke) from the network. By the number of variations among the leaders is… unexpectedly, Roman Nasirov. As if it was him who disguised in Honchareno’s. But where has the plaid gone?

And a little more for last.

Stepan the Goat collected reactions and recalled how Honcharenko dressed up like Cossack

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