Now when everyone is writing about this, we’ll promise you something and implement it straight away. Dear readers, we promise you to collect the reactions to Zelensky’s new fiasco and we have immediately done it. Let’s read together! With a new review from Opinion, with the new servant of the people who seems to have broken.

And now, a little more details: Volodymyr Zelensky, who, as we all know, declared his intention to go to the presidency, turns out to still have a business in Russia. Although the showman has sworn that he closed it down back in 2014, Schemes found some (fundamentally) different information.

The author of the Schemes program, Natalia Sedletska, said that her colleague Maksym Savchuk found at least three Russian Movie Production Companies which still work in the Russian Federation and which through the Cypriot company belong to… Well, of course, to Volodymyr Zelensky and his partners. However, one of them, the most active, is called “Green Films”. And something else… for four years from 2014 (this is when the comedian closed his business in the country-aggressor), the turnover of the company amounted to about 850 million Russian rubles. So here’s the deal, kittens.

But Maksym Savchuk himself, who was fortunate enough to communicate with Zelensky, wrote that he saw him on TV many times, but he had never been so angry. In short, add the video of the candidate’s reaction to the request of the journalist to comment on the results of the investigation. This servant of the people has broken down. Prepare the next before communicating with the media, please.

It was Zelensky who commented on the situation on his Instagram. Ironically, in Holoborodko’s costume, is it a coincidence? So, he says, he responded sharply, because the journalist attacked him, and there is no business.

Journalist Denys Kazansky stressed that in the investigation of the journalists, the most revealing moment was the reaction of the showman (or politician?) at the questions. And this, be careful, Zelensky hasn’t yet taken part in discussions with his opponents. Yeah, I already imagine how a candidate answers a question, “I owe only mom and dad, I don’t owe you.” Well, or for some IMF, so to say. That would be the level of diplomacy.

And the blogger Anton Hodza stated that this was the shortest campaign of the candidate in the history of Ukraine. Well, Mr. Hodza, the users of the network haven’t yet had time to write the program for him, and the answers to the questions of journalists should be collectively formed later. There’s no time for Schemes with their investigations.

However, the blogger is convinced that even the news about business in Russia, the lie about its closure and new standards of communication with the media are unlikely to somehow affect the voters of the comedian. Well, if only Zelensky breaks into their houses, “kills the hamsters, commits malice against men, and takes women into slavery”. Even then Holoborodko may win in their heads.

Myroslav Hai, a blogger, volunteer and coordinator of the Mir & Co Foundation, noted that journalists also found that one of the company’s movies would be with the participation of an actor who was… an authorized representative of Putin in the presidential election in 2018. Well, the Russians won’t eat sweets, but they will watch the movie.

The blogger and writer Zoya Kazanzhy, in her turn, stressed that Mr. Zelensky looks like a goon outside the stage and TV, with rudeness and arrogance. Nothing to add.

But the MP and former journalist Mustafa Nayyem thinks that supporters of the current president who criticized the media for the mentioning of the Lypetsk confectionery factory “Roshen” are now forced to seek the words of support and amusement for journalists who found Zelensky’s Russian business.

The leader of the “Warsaw EuroMaydan” Natalia Panchenko stood up for defense of the comedian, although she doesn’t see him as president. Like, it’s necessary to keep to some elementary ethics norms. Well, Ms. Panchenko, I can be mistaken, but no one broke into his house, and over the years of publicity and fame he must have gotten used to such a thing.

MP Ehor Sobolev used the news about Zelensky’s business as an occasion to remind: the choice of a politician should be treated as the purchase of a house. No one will buy an apartment or a private house, just taking a glimpse of the picture on billboard or on Instagram, right? I hope so.

A public figure and blogger Oleksandr Ravchev sums up the results of all these: Zelensky learned what political journalism is, the voters learned about the protection of Holoborodko and business in Russia, and Ukrainians – why in the democratic countries there is the media institution as a deterrent of low-quality journalism. As for me, it’s quite a decent end of the working week. Be nice, kittens, see you!

Reactions were collected by Stepan Porokhobotenko (I’m kidding – the Goat)

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