While Yanukovych is almost having a heart attack and thinking of what he is going to do the next 13 years (on January 24, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was sentenced in absentia to 13 years in jail on treason charges), Davos seems to have seen a successor of the “legitimate” president as Yanukovych calls himself. Ihor Shevchenko, a presidential candidate (the one who was looking for a wife via billboards)… grabbed free hats and even boasted of it on the Internet.

You could say that it is the worst joke ever but Igor Shevchenko seems to disagree with you. His… hrmph, I don’t know how to call it properly. Well, the candidate explained his action to be a “Hat” operation (so quaint, btw). He told that he woke up at 6 a.m. to hunt free trophies and even stood a line. Just look at the mastery: he took 4 hats because his conscience didn’t let him take more but 10 meters away, he decided he still needed some more. In short, taking the fifth hat, Shevchenko was warned by a guard but a diplomatic candidate managed to make him look the other way.

How could he fail to boast of his trophies? Huh? I don’t know who is a PR manager of his campaign and why Shevchenko wasn’t looking for a wife in Davos but he is unlikely to have such an opportunity to publicize himself. By the way, Yanukovych is not exactly crying. He seems to arrive in Ukraine soon and voluntarily plead guilty.

We would like to thank the civil movement “Chesno” for posting this incredible story on their page. I’ m not exactly hinting that the Ukrainian ex-Minister of Ecology isn’t famous enough but due to this post much more people found out about an impressing candidate’s success in Davos.

Actually, what concerns success. Anton Hodza, a blogger, has recently posted a piece of fake interview of Mr. Shevchenko with an anonym. Any resemblance to reality is, naturally, purely coincidental. There is no reference to any candidate living, God forbid.

Sure thing I’m not the first person to joke about Yanukovych. This screenshot is only a fraction of the same joke. But if it was some kind of a special PR-campaign, I have to admit that it worked.

Olena Dobrovolska, a blogger, seems to have experienced second-hand embarrassment as me. Meanwhile, we are laughing at videos where a staff of overseas hotels checks Russian tourists’ baggage to see if they have stolen anything. Well, now we have such a Ukrainian to laugh at.

Roman Donik, an activist and volunteer, also criticized Shevchenko. He says that only those who were described by Dobrovolska in her post can vote for the candidate, namely people who like to put hotel towels into their baggage.

By the way, other candidates who are in Davos now should bear in mind that they can bring not only a hat as a present for friends! Hotel towels and bathrobes are still vacant, and the list is not inclusive, it can be elaborated.

Reactions were collected by Stepan the Goat (who in fact also wants to have a hat)

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