Do you remember a football player who could not sing the national anthem on the matches of the national team? Well, the one who played for our own national team. Rather expectedly, Yaroslav Rakytskyi transferred to Zenit and now will defend the colors of the Russian club. Meantime, the footballer remains a player of our team. A bit more about “double standards” – in reactions from Opinion.

I half-expected stuff like that from this guy but I still have a bitter aftertaste. However, the networks found another subject of discussions and jokes. On the page, now former Rakytskyi’s club, the footballer was thanked for the years spent in the team, professionalism, bright and ardent play and his… “orange-black” heart. Well, now let’s see what colors Yaroslav’s heart will gain.

Serhiy Palkin, general director of Shakhtar FC, commented on Rakytskyi’s transfer. He says that footballer is one of the most talented and successful alumni, to top it all, he became the leader of the team and gained a sincere love and respect of all fans. Heh, now he ought to start from the beginning.

A bit of praise, and now let’s turn to reactions. The Vice-CEO of ATR channel, Aider Muzhdabayev stressed that Rakytskyi had not just changed the club but transferred to “the favorite team of the Russian Führer”. I hope, needless to explain whom the author meant. So, Muzhdabayev advises not to make cults out of the actors and sportsmen for whom the flag in a certain period of time gives certain bonuses. If any question with money occurs, they will probably run after the smell of this money. So generalized but rather concrete statement.

While the People’s Deputy Boryslav Bereza polled the users of network whether they want to see the football player in our national team or not. If more precisely, whether they have the will to see the one who amuses the Russian audience in the national team meanwhile the Ukrainian sailor, Sentsov and other political prisoners are being incarcerated by Moscow and the Russian occupational troops are in the Donbas. The question is fully rhetorical, in my opinion.

Actually, the sports is beyond politics, it bridges the people divide, helps to see eye to eye… It’s a joke sure thing. Blogger, Anton Khodza, also writes about this. In effect, the last part of the post had to be properly glossed over due to not very censored words but you can understand: sometimes emotions are difficult to hide. And do they need to be hidden?

The blogger dug for a positive side. But remember to keep the sense of humor turned on, it helps.

On the contrary, a politician, Viktor Kryvenko called the transfer of Rakytskyi a frank public mockery and humiliation. The author of the post appealed to the public to support the call to the leadership of the national team of Ukraine to never return Rakytskyi to the national team. What do you think?

Oh, I nearly missed! A short version of the interview between Rakytskyi and the leadership of Zenit from the Deputy Minister of Informational Politics Dmytro Zolotukhin. Perhaps, it can’t be much better.

But let’s dream a little bit as Dmytro Vitov, the director of the charity fund “Nadiinyi Tyl”, did by saying “what’s the need for Rakytskyi criticism?”. He will earn money, transfer them to “Right Sector”, buy guns and bullets and will kill the enemies of the motherland. You may ask where to get information and whom to shoot. Huh, we already have the personal spy – Oleksandr Usyk.

Vitaliy Deynega, a founder of “Come Back Alive” fund, very briefly but aptly described the whole situation, which, by the way, just illustrates this manipulative and incomprehensible to an adequate man “sport beyond the politics.”

But there is nothing to regret. At least Pavlo Tuk is convinced of this. So, with Rakytskyi an entire era has gone. But it was an era of strange faces while performing the anthem and hands somewhere far from the heart.

And, summing up what we have: it is worth knowing that not only Vakarchuk but Rakytskyi as well will not run for the presidency in the upcoming elections. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, my dear kittens.

Stepan the Goat collected reactions and never played football

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