It seems the whole network collected money for presidential candidate Dmytro Hnap. Looks like everybody was happy, he did it, and everything seemed to be fine. If not one detail: one day a journalist promised to transfer a considerable amount of money received by the Slidstvo.Info project as a prize for the needs of the army, but he… forgot. More information – in reactions from Opinion.

The whole story revealed thanks to the post by journalist Anna Babinets, who admitted: she was sure that the money went to the army, but it turned out that everything was wrong. So, in a few words. Four years ago Slidstvo received a prize, and there was quite a decent amount: 15 thousand euros. Back then the project was managed by Dmytro Hnap, who assured that money would be spent on military aid. Recently, colleagues turned to the journalist with a question about this money, they were asking about their fate. And this fate looks like this: the prize was transferred to the bank account of Hnap, and according to the current presidential candidate, 2 thousand were transferred to the army, 3900 went to the organization’s expenses, and 9100 euro remained from him. That’s the story.

Why did the journalist talk about it publicly, and not talked everything over in personal conversation with Hnap? Everything is simple and fair: Dmitry is now a politician, and his journalistic promises can equate to political ones. Moreover, silence can damage the Slidstvo, which Hnap left seven months ago after he had chosen politics.

Dmytro Hnap himself promised to transfer funds to the Slidstvo account as quickly as possible so that the team can decide on its own how to dispose of this money. Hm… You promised that money to the army, didn’t you Mr. Dmytro?

People’s Deputy Boryslav Bereza, reflecting on the story of the former journalist, emphasized: not all new faces will do what they promise, and even not all knights are actually knights. Moreover, new faces are not a guarantee of a new format of politics. The fact is that the frustration, which came with Hnap will be waiting for everyone who will see politicians as idols or saints.

The writer Yuriy Vynnychuk also reacted to the “forgetfulness” of Hnap. Something like, imagine: the candidate for the commander-in-chief of the army simply… forgets about money on his own bank account. Imagined?

Instead, People’s Deputies Natalia Veselova and Ostap Yednak characterized the situation around Hnap as obscene and announced the suspension of Dmytro’s support as a candidate and urged the ex-journalist to withdraw his candidacy. Spoiler alert: Hnap is not going to do this.

Oleksandr Ravchev, a blogger and public figure, stressed that Ukrainians and politics it is fun: first, we put a politician on the podium, and then we’re outraged that he was not the one we thought of.

Journalist and blogger Denys Kazanskyi is convinced: the case of Hnap teaches us one very important rule: in any case, we shouldn’t bet on a reputation in Ukrainian politics. You can build your ideal image for a very long time, but you will sooner or later find out that you did not share/donate money to the army some years ago/did not declare your pay/ did not conduct a journalistic investigation in a proper way, and so on. Kind people will try to reveal the necessary information at the least convenient moment.

Oleksandr Snidalov, the activist of the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands, reminded that the thesis “They are no better than us” is used, let’s say, by old politicians to crush new ones who refuse to play according to old rules. Therefore, Snidalov emphasizes: it is not worth starting the “slaughter” of Hnap because of this money, since the open financing of the election campaign worth more, as well as the primaries. Because when it comes to new faces in politics, it is better to see financially independent ones than puppets like Zelensky.

However, the ex-deputy and political technologist Viktor Ukolov decided to restrict himself to a relatively short post, in which he urged Dmytro Hnap to withdraw from the presidential race in order… not to be embarrassed even more.

The same opinion has the blogger Anton Hodza. According to him, the same would happen in Europe, and it would be correct and honest, and for such an act, the politician could be respected. For the ability to apologize and admit mistakes is what our Ukrainian politicians really lack.

Rodion Shovkoshytnyi, a blogger and volunteer, described the situation with Dmytro Hnap as the shortest political career.

Yulii Morozov, a member of Syla Narodu party, to which Hnap belongs, assured that situation looks shameful, and it is difficult to imagine what additional information can change it. However, everything is possible.

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