On the web, the police launched a flash mob “I am Banderite” in order to apologize for the words of their colleague, who, during the detention of activists in Kyiv, exclaimed, “Lie down, Bandera!”. Law enforcers emphasize that they do not support such appeals. However, let’s look at how the network responds to it – in the reactions from Opinion.

The flash mob started with the reports of the law enforcement agencies’ leadership, including the head of the National Police Serhiy Knyazev and the First Deputy Head of the Department of Patrol Police Oleksiy Biloshytskyi.

Zoryan Shkiryak, the advisor to Minister of the Interior, also joined the action. He says that Bandera is his hero, and therefore the exclamations similar to those that were made by the law-enforcers – are unacceptable.

The spokeswoman of the National Police, Olha Atamanova, stressed that such cries from the mouth of police split the society and the police, as well as it undoes the huge work done by thousands of people. However, at the same time, the author of the post is convinced that it’s better not to draw conclusions based on the actions of several policemen speaking about the staff that amounts to thousands.

In short, we understood the position of the law enforcement officers, and now let’s figure out how bloggers, journalists and other leaders of Facebook opinion reacted to it. For example, lawyer Masi Nayyem hinted that Facebook post is not enough – they should have fired the law-enforcer and bring him to justice. And only after that, you can name yourself Bandera.

The blogger Sergey Naumovich has responded critically to the flash mob of the law-enforcers. Like, the leadership of the police can call themselves Bandera or Banderites, but this won’t change the subordinates.

However, historian and journalist Vakhtang Kipiani believes that earlier our rulers managed to turn the words “democracy”, “honest authorities”, “responsibility” and “crackdown on corruption” into fiction and shame, and now they’re trying to do the same with the word “Bandera”.

Instead, blogger Mason Lemberg suggested to launch another flash mob “Cleanup”, which would not focus on political views or understanding of history, it should check elementary respect for citizens, their views, policemen’s own work and neutrality at the workplace.

Journalist Roman Skrypin wrote that he doesn’t believe in the sincerity of the law enforcement officers who are taking part in the flash mob. He even promised to “sponsor”… a mirror for them. Well, you know that small one, from a woman’s bag.

However, the network also offers alternative flash mobs. Speaking about other cries of law enforcers, here’s an example by blogger Vadym Folker.

Oleksandr Filipov, UOC priest also criticized the flash mob, adding that in order to return the lost trust, police should just reveal the name of that law-enforcement officer and fire him with shame. The rest, it doesn’t matter.

Political analyst Oleksandr Solonko suggested that such actions can be neutralization of the negative source. However, the expert has other questions. For example, will police officers from Odesa take part in the flash mob and what actions will be taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in addition to the posts on Facebook.

Attention! Insider information from the blogger Anton Hodza, literally the hottest and the best joke on the topic: two investigators had a fight in the district police department, because… they were trying to figure out which of them is more Bandera.

Well, and how not to appeal to a Facebook folklore (that, in fact, has an author)? “Banderas drive the cars, Banderas seat in police stations, since yesterday the number of Banderas in Ukraine abruptly going up,” that’s how happened indeed.

And, in the end, remember: sometimes a banana is just a banana, and mayonnaise jar is just a mayonnaise jar. If you know what I mean.

Reactions were collected and Banderas were messed up by Stepan the Goat

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