He wanted to go away, but the voice of a boy who couldn’t make a photo with him came through the car window. So he stopped and made child’s dream come true. The first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko shared this story with Petro Poroshenko as the protagonist on her Facebook page. What’s next – read in reactions from Opinion.

So, let’s start with the post, which became the basis for an entire tide of new jokes. As Iryna Gerashchenko writes, a local boy was waiting for about an hour for the president to left the house so he can take a picture with him, but this hadn’t happened at first. However, Poroshenko heard a cry of the kid. He left the car and made a selfie. And then everyone rushed to their own business: someone to Bankova Street and someone to boast pictures.

It’s obvious that no matter how honest and truthful the post of Ms. Gerashchenko was, it was impossible not to cause indignation, jokes, and applause from “Poroshenko-bots”. Actually, this was said by parents of the boy from the Facebook page named… Wooden products. Well, let’s assume that it’s a family business or some sort of conspiracy. So, they say that anyone after making a selfie with the president would be proud of it.

That’s why Iryna Gerashchenko, in a while, stressed that “our valiant Facebook continues to bully not only adults but also children”. However, if it is unclear to someone, where exactly was Petro Poroshenko, the deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada explains: he visited the director of the film Cyborgs, and a small photo hunter is a boy from the neighborhood.

But can anything stop Facebook, where Holly War has begun? I doubt it. In the network reaction, there were all sorts of everything. Here, for example, you can see a sample of the worst sarcasm in the world by the journalist Rostyslav Demchuk, who was added to the Myrotvorets database quite recently.

And at the same time, some kind of support from blogger Myroslav Oleshko. “Some kind of” because nobody expected him to do something else. At least, he could argue his point of view somehow differently. But this is not the case, because, as Oleshko writes, the main thing is that the boy is able to achieve what he wants.

However, journalist Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva jokingly emphasized that the main thing is to find a balance and not try too hard because the small kid who cries is not far away from the “little boy in panties”.

Well, how could it be without some typical jokes? For example, here’s one by blogger Sergey Naumovich. She says that Poroshenko was urgently driving to lower a dollar exchange rate to 10 hryvnias, but suddenly he heard that the boy is crying. Well, what can I write here, friends? Very, very, very funny joke. If it was several years ago – it could have been a basis for the whole sketch of Zelensky and his company. However, they are still joking about the dollar…

The political scientist Kyrylo Sazonov (and who knows, with sarcasm or not) emphasizes that he couldn’t understand what was the problem. According to the author, the photo on which Poroshenko spent a few seconds only made drivers and guards nervous, but someone is still preoccupied with this news now.

However, another political expert, Yuriy Romanenko, tried to answer the question of Sazonov, saying that all this was rather a “Soviet-style” and a copy of… a similar situation that happened to Putin. In fact, this thesis is the most common in the vast majority of comments. But I won’t post pictures or videos with Putin here, right?

If you haven’t heard a recent verse by Dmytro Pavlychko about our current president, then for sure you must look at it if you have some time. For now let’s look at an alternative version by a political consultant, Petro Okhotin.

Journalist Mykhailo Tkach also didn’t miss the opportunity to make enough jokes and collect a few extra likes. Well, the man loves this job, you know we can’t prevent him from doing it.

Haven’t you been tired with all these poems? Because, you know, I’ll add some Facebook folklore at the end. “All that was dreamed came true, the children’s joy is in the air, he only combed his silver hair, and rushed to Bankova to rule,” this is what we have. As for me, I send you kisses love and say bye-bye.

Reactions were collected and presidential selfie was desired by Stepan the Goat

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