Illia Kiva, an odious ex-advisor to the Interior Minister and presidential candidate from the Socialist Council, bailed out the policeman that is suspected of beating an activist in Kyiv. However, later the same thing was done by Vilkul, Novynskyi offered his lawyers, and Shariy as always offered something to someone. The only thing is that suspected Melnikov and a law-enforcer, who shouted “Lie down, Bandera” are different people. Only shh, don’t tell anyone about it. More – in reactions from Opinion.

In the post by Illia Kiva himself, of course, everything is just marvelous. In particular, the former (or not?) advisor to Arsen Avakov promised to protect every policeman, since he serves as the head of the All-Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs trade union. However, Kiva kept his word and paid bail.

On the other hand, a journalist and volunteer Olha Reshetylova has a quite fair question, to be more precise, a remark. It turns out that over the past year, Mr. Kiva has earned 143,8 thousand UAH, and today he just paid a bail in the amount of 115, 2 thousand UAH. That is, almost his entire salary for a year.

Kiva also got what he deserved from the blogger Anton Hodza. Actually, just read it.

And it’s still quite a logical question within the framework of the flash mob, which seems is still on-going.

Now, please, don’t laugh. Another presidential candidate ex-regional and present-day oligarch Oleksandr Vilkul decided to do the same thing that Kiva did. However, he mixed up a little bit, he thought that he had paid money for the law enforcement officer, who shouted: “Lie down Bandera.” Dear Mr. Vilkul, I feel sorry for you, but some of your assistants have messed up.

Still, Vilkul has found out who’s his “rival”. He says that it’s not so important; the main thing is that the suspect was released today. Quite interesting, does Kiva also think that he bailed out the one who shouted: “Lie down…?”

In case this is true, at least it will be clear why it had happened. Here I have for you, “journalist” and “blogger” (how can I make those quotes bigger, so that everyone understands that in fact it is not related to the next name and surname?) Anatoliy Shariy. He offered to pay a pledge and invited representatives of the detained policeman to DM him. Eh… it’s so funny that it turns into sad.

And one more – the other ex-regional and opposition representative Vadym Novynskyi offered not money, but the best lawyers for the police officers who are under investigation. Ok, let’s list: Kiva, Vilkul, Shariy, and Novynskyi… And what about Dobkin and Boyko?

So, let’s come to an agreement once more: the suspect, for whom Kiva and Vilkul deposited money, was not the same man who shouted: “Lie down, Bandera”. However, as Serhiy Mazur notes, such a false thesis helped Melnikov to find new friends.

After all, as leader of C14 Yevhen Karas wrote, in order to demonstrate who’s on whose side, it was needed to take out only a few posters with the main question – Who ordered Katia Handziuk?

The funniest thing is that by the end of the day it is quite possible that someone will bring even more money to bail out the policeman, who at that very time will be watching some TV series at home.

And finally, I’ll just add a bit of Facebook folklore, and again about Kiva. If by any chance you suddenly scrolled through everything without reading it, you can understand everything in two words. See you!

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