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Spring in the middle of winter makes everyone happy, but winter itself is not always happy with this course of synoptic events. Therefore, after the warm and sunny days, the atmosphere again decided to bring the power of February back and show who the real owner is.

Interesting processes will begin in Ukraine on Thursday, February 21. The air temperature will start to decrease, and the precipitation phase in eastern Ukraine will turn from rain to sleet and snow. After that, from February 22, even more cold will come to Ukraine. Arctic air mass will lead to a decrease in air temperature by 2-6 degrees.

During February 22-24, the night air temperature in Ukraine will be -2 -10 degrees, in the north-east  -7 -12 degrees. In the daytime, it will be also cold, -1 -6 degrees.

By the end of the week, in most areas, -2 -8 degrees are expected. Snow and blizzards will join the cold snap.

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In the southern part, the sleet will alternate with rain; the strong wind will reduce the comfort temperature by -2 -6 degrees, although it is expected in the south from 2 degrees below zero to 3 degrees above zero.

Such weather conditions can adversely affect the health of people with cardiovascular and Broncho-pulmonary diseases. By the way, just in the coming days, magnetic storms are also expected.

Therefore, it’s time to take preventive measures.

At the beginning of the next week, from February 25, the cooling will recede and warming will return to Ukraine.

The air temperature will rise to +2 +7 degrees in the daytime.

The atmospheric fronts will pass through Ukraine; therefore, precipitation will alternate with clearing.

The proximity of spring predetermines the frequent occurrence of the sun, which will quickly melt ice and snow.

In Kyiv, on February 21, a cold snap is expected to daytime 0 -2 degrees of frost.

On February 22, and during Saturday and Sunday, frosts will reign in the capital.

At night, it is expected to be -3 -9 degrees, in the daytime the air temperature will be -2 -5 degrees, on roads and sidewalks it will be slippery.

On Friday in Kyiv, there will be snow, the gusty wind will form blizzards. This weather can contribute to colds; it is worth getting warmer.

The initial precipitation will weaken and stop, but the frosty weather will be lasting.

From Monday, February 25, warming will begin in Kyiv.

A night temperature of the air will fluctuate from 2 degrees of warmth to 2 degrees of frost, and during the day the weather will gradually begin to warm up and reach +2 +5 degrees.

At the beginning of the next week in Kyiv, there is a chance of precipitation, but they will be small and patchy.

If warming comes gradually, without sharp fluctuations, it is only better for us. After all, significant warming of the air can provoke intense melting of snow and ice, which will lead to flooding and a rise of river levels.

Therefore, we learn from the nature of gradual evolution, development, and wisdom.

Spring is checking the right time to come.

Natalka Didenko

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