To create a new constitution, to approve a non-aligned status, to prohibit the use of an army inside the country, to reinstate the economic relations and to allow the establishment of a second official language in the regions, economic relations with Crimea. The main theses of Oleksandr Vilkul’s program, the real biography, the declared property and the ability of the politician to keep the word – about this and more in the section “Candidates” from Opinion

We have created this section for you to have an opportunity to make conscious, objective and most importantly – your own decision in the presidential election this spring. Telling about each candidate, we turn to the official biography, open sources, emotionlessly scrutinize the program promises and the reality of their fulfillment. 

We have planned materials about 12 candidates who have the highest chances according to the data of sociological companies. To avoid manipulation, the texts order has been defined alphabetically.  

What is the candidate’s program this time?

Unlike Yuriy Boyko, Vilkul names the war actually a war, not an “armed conflict,” however, the blame lies with the ruling power that is “enriching with the help of the war” and conducts a “mediocre, thoughtless and criminal” policy. Precisely because of this, in the opinion of the candidate, Ukraine has turned into the poorest country in Europe, which is currently in the phase of its destruction.

Step 1 – PEACE

The candidate promises to stop the war in just 100 days. In order to do this, Vilkul intends to introduce a peacekeeping contingent of friendly countries and neutral states into the Donbas.

Next – elections in accordance with specifically adopted laws with the participation of Ukrainian parties, the creation of conditions for the return of internally displaced people and restoration of the infrastructure of the regions. The candidate even promises to attract international donors.

Quite interesting that the Crimea is not mentioned at all in the program on the site of the CEC, unlike the personal web site of the policymaker, which contains the Russian-language version of the program. There Vilkul emphasizes: it is necessary to restore the flow of water and all economic relations with the peninsula. He says that Crimea is not only the territory, but people, and only this way it can be returned. At the same time, the politician admits: Crimea is Ukraine.


In the new constitution, which Vilkul wants to create after his election, Ukraine is turning into a decentralized parliamentary republic, where the parliament consists of two chambers. A coalition is formed by the party that wins the elections to the lower house.

In addition, Vilkul intends to approve a non-aligned status at the constitutional level, a new security and defense system that is supposedly based on a professional army and municipal police.


Here Vilkul promises to make the profession of a defender more prestigious, to introduce compulsory military training for “young people” for up to 6 months. However, the most interesting proposal is a ban on the use of an army inside the country.

Domestic policy

Similarly, the candidate intends to put an end to the “fomenting of religious, ethnic and linguistic wars”. Therefore Vilkul plans to provide the regional councils with the right to introduce the second official language in the region and to prohibit the state from interfering with the activities of religious communities.


In this section, the candidate offers the biggest portion of promises, which, by the way, is reflected in his electoral campaign. So, among the key ideas of Vilkul – a new model of taxation, the prohibition of law enforcement officers to interfere in business, the complete refusal to import gas and the protection of the right to own land.


And they will feel the result in the following way: Vilkul promises that utility bills won’t cover more than 15% of all family income, and another quarter of the monthly wage will fully cover the cost of products.


The priority of the candidate is vocational education. Vilkul plans to pay salaries for teachers, calculating the coefficient of 1.5 to the average salary in the region. That is, the teacher from the Zhytomyr region will receive twice less than her colleague from Kiev.


The candidate plans to set salaries for doctors according to the same principle. Also, he promises insurance medicine, while the insurance will be paid at the expense of the state for a part of the population.

With retirees everything is laconic: the pension is not lower than 40% of the average salary, no additional taxes and state insurance policy for everyone.

What can we know about him from the CEC and his personal website?

Little is known about Oleksandr Vilkul from the site of the Central Election Commission, as well as about other candidates: he was born in Kryvyi Rih, has higher education, lives in the Dnipro according to the documents, and he takes part in elections on behalf of the Opposition Block.

It’s noteworthy that on the official website of the Opposition Block it is impossible to get acquainted with the candidate’s biography: it simply doesn’t exist. However, the life of the politician is described in detail on his personal web site.

According to that text, Vilkul obtained a higher degree in Kryvyi Rih Technical University, his specialty was “open mining works”. His first job was the assistant to the driver of the excavator, then the mining master and then the director general of two enterprises at the same time.

According to this biography, Vilkul entered the politics in 2006, becoming a People’s Deputy, however, which party he represented is not mentioned. Subsequently, in the same text, we encounter a real apogee of achievements: the appointment of Oleksandr Vilkul as the head of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration. Further – only achievements.

From December 2012 to February 2014 Vilkul was Vice Prime Minister for regional development, and on July 14th he founded the Ukrainian Perspective Foundation. Since November of that year, the politician had again become a People’s Deputy.

What wasn’t mentioned in the official biography?

Nothing was mentioned about the candidate’s party affiliation. In fact, Oleksandr Vilkul started his political career back in November 2005, becoming the head of the Kryvyi Rih city organization of the Party of Regions.

As part of the same Party of Regions, the politician had become a people’s deputy during the fifth and sixth convocations.  During the last election, Vilkul was elected an MP from the Opposition Bloc, which by and large is a certain reincarnation of the already non-existent Party of Regions.

As a member of the same Party of Regions, the politician had become a people’s deputy during the fifth and sixth convocations.  During the last election, Vilkul was elected an MP from the Opposition Bloc, which by and large is a certain reincarnation of the already non-existent Party of Regions.

His appointment Vilkul explained  quite simply: “The President (Viktor Yanukovych – Ed.) said that we need to carry out the tasks effectively not only at the regional level but also at the national level.” During the same interview, the candidate assures that he is a member of the Party of Regions since 2003.

What does the candidate own?

From the infographic, made by the team of the resource Slovo i Dilo and created on the basis of the official declaration of the candidate wee see: Oleksandr Vilkul holds about seven and a half million hryvnias and four million dollars in bank accounts. The same candidate holds 300 thousand hryvnias and half a million dollars in cash.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

Real estate of the politician is quite modest, however, you cannot say the same about a movable property. It turns out that the candidate collects icons, paintings, antique documents, and books. Vilkul’s vehicle fleet officially consists only of Chevrolet Express 2008.

How does the People’s Deputy visit plenary sessions?

According to information, posted on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, according to the registration with the electronic system Vilkul missed only 69, while attended 448 meetings. Instead, the data from the written record indicate that 54% (that is, 275) meetings the presidential candidate has missed without a valid reason.

Instead, the data from the written record indicate that the presidential candidate has missed 54% (that is, 275) meetings without a valid reason.

How does this candidate keep his promises?

According to the results of the study made by resource Slovo i Dilo, Vilkul managed to give 336 promises, almost half of which – 157, he had fulfilled. At the same time, 39% of promises, that is 132, were false, and 47 are still in the process, so there is still a chance to improve the statistics.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

In particular, the politician lied, promising to approve the National Donbas Renaissance Plan. He did not approve the State Program for the support of national manufacturers and did not resume the construction of a subway in the Dnipro.

Among kept promises are the refusal to vote for the state budget in 2019, appeal to the Constitutional Court on the question of medical reform cancelation, ignoring the law on the reintegration of the Donbas.

Are there any scandals with the candidate?

Yes. In January 2014, members of EuroMaidan assured that Vilkul was engaged in the organization of “titushky” in order to fight the Dnipro activists.

In addition, in May 2017 the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that there is an ongoing investigation of the facts that the riots in Dnipro on May 9, made by “titushky” were organized by Vilkul himself as well.

In addition, in 2015, during the election of the Mayor of the Dnipro media blamed OleksandrVilkul for bribing voters. Journalists assured that the residents of the city received proposals through Viber to cast their vote in favor of the politician for 800 hryvnias.

By Dmytro Zhuravel

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