Legalization of firearms, land market, an average salary of 700 euros, life imprisonment for judges-bribers, the return of the Crimea and Donbas in 5 years and a guarantee of populism absence. The main theses of Anatoliy Hrytsenko’s program, the real biography, the declared property and the ability of the politician to keep the word – about this and more in the section “Candidates” from Opinion

We have created this section for you to have an opportunity to make conscious, objective and most importantly – your own decision in the presidential election this spring. Telling about each candidate, we turn to the official biography, open sources, emotionlessly scrutinize the program promises and the reality of their fulfillment. 

We have planned materials about 12 candidates who have the highest chances according to the data of sociological companies. To avoid manipulation, the texts order has been defined alphabetically.  

What is the candidate’s program this time?

In this year’s program “Honest President will serve people” Anatoliy Hrytsenko promises to make quick and decisive changes, making Ukraine to step on European leaders’ toes. The candidate guarantees to realize a large number of promises during only one presidential term, after that he will give way to a new generation of politicians.

Honest president sets the standard – do as I do!

In the first section, Anatoliy Hrytsenko promises to “cut off” the head of corruption from the first days, to protect business, to introduce a law on the impeachment of the president, to sacrifice his rating for the sake of the country and get rid of nepotism, punishing all the guilty ones, regardless of party or status. The candidate also assures that there will be no discrimination on any grounds (including language and religion).

Що варто знати про кандидата в президенти Анатолія Гриценка?

Honest President – safe country

The candidate promises to return the occupied territories of Donbas in five years, avoiding the “capitulation” strategy – only military, diplomatic, economic and sanctions. Together with Donbas, Hrytsenko is also going to return Crimea during these five years.

In addition, the politician is going to fire generals that sit behind the desks and appoint officers with combat experience. According to the candidate, there are a lot of generals in modern Ukraine, therefore there will be a reduction to world standards.

Army will become contract based, firearms – legalized and registered, the state will restore a monopoly on the use of violence in accordance with the law. Hrytsenko is going to aim his diplomacy at strengthening security and improving the economy.

Honest president – a country without oligarchs and corruption

The candidate guarantees to wage war against corruption. He promises to reduce the number of officials’ posts. Those, who stay and slip up will meet the polygraph and then criminal liability and compensation of losses from their own funds.

In the same section, the candidate promises to introduce a new electoral system and ban “billion worth political advertising” on TV channels.

Honest President – prosperous country

Hrytsenko is not going to experiment with the economy, instead, it will grow at a rate of 10% annually. At the same time, the politician wants to abandon “unprofitable loans under state guarantees”, switching to domestic and foreign investments and returning offshore capital to Ukraine.

The candidate does not plan to buy imported machinery and equipment – the construction of roads, bridges, stations, and airports will be made by Ukrainian companies. Similarly, Ukraine must get rid of its dependence on imported gas.

The land market will be opened, but after the full formation of the land cadastre, an increase of land value and strengthening of farmers’ financial capacity. Anatoliy Hrytsenko also promises an all-Ukrainian census, honest customs policy, new workplaces, and state control over the activity of banks.

Що варто знати про кандидата в президенти Анатолія Гриценка?

Honest President – fair country

After eliminating corruption and oligarchic monopolies, the politician plans to reduce tariffs significantly, raise pensions, and set an average salary of at least 700 euros. Hrytsenko also plans to improve supply provisions for soldiers and promises that there will be no internally displaced persons.

The judges-bribers, in the case of Hrytsenko’s victory, will appear behind the bars with full confiscation of property and without any chance for amnesty. The politician also suggests that judges who make the wrong decision should pay compensation from their own funds.

Hrytsenko is going to develop the Ukrainian language and culture not by restrictions and punishments, but by stimulating cinema and book publishing. The candidate also promises that the Ukrainian nation will not die out, because he will support motherhood and childhood and promote a healthy lifestyle.

What can we know about him from the CEC and his personal website?

The website of the Central Election Commission tells us a little: he was born in Cherkasy region, has a higher degree, lives in Kyiv, holds a post of associate professor of political science at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and runs for the presidency from the party Hromadyanska Pozytsia (Civic Position – translators note).

Much more about the candidate can be found in his biography on the official website. If we’re not getting episodic, we have the following: he graduated from the Kyiv Suvorov High School, then – the Kyiv Military Aviation Engineering School.

In 1992, Hrytsenko had started to work at the Ministry of Defense’s Office of Military Education, then at the National Research Center for Defense Technologies and Military Security of Ukraine. Then – 1997 and the post of Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

Що варто знати про кандидата в президенти Анатолія Гриценка?

In 2004, Hrytsenko supported Viktor Yushchenko during the elections and began to work in his electoral headquarters, and in 2005, the same Yushchenko appointed the politician as the Minister of Defense.

What wasn’t mentioned in the official biography?

Hrytsenko doesn’t specify that he served as the Minister of Ukraine during February 2005 – December 2007 while working for three different prime ministers – Yulia Tymoshenko, Yuriy Yekhanurov and Viktor Yanukovych.

Hrytsenko was People’s Deputy twice. First, in 2007, he entered the Verkhovna Rada as a member of the political alliance Nasha Ukraina – Nasha Oborona (Our Ukraine – Our Defense – translator’s note), which supported Viktor Yushchenko. Yuriy Lutsenko was the alliance’s leader. The second time when he got the People’s Deputy ID was in 2012. He was a member of the party Batkivshchyna (Fatherland – translator’s note).

Anatoliy Hrytsenko was running for the presidency twice.  In 2010 he got the ninth position, and in 2014 – the fifth place.

What did the candidate promise to make during the last presidential elections?

During the presidential elections of 2014, Hrytsenko had the program “We have to spread the wings!”. The old program for some reason consists of a part of Hrytsenko’s autobiography, where he talks about his ability to keep his word, honor, dignity, and upbringing of his own children.

Among all this, we find very few real plans of the candidate.

Що варто знати про кандидата в президенти Анатолія Гриценка?

Economy: an independent court, favorable conditions for business, affordable loans, incentive taxes and the elimination of corruption, separating businesses from authorities.

Security: at first – the persuasion that under his leadership Ukraine would not have lost the Crimea and surrendered weapons to the enemy. Only in the end, he promises to provide defense and target forces to protect the people.

What does the candidate own?

From the infographics provided by the team of resource Slovo i Dilo, which was created on the basis of the official declaration of the candidate, it is clear that the main income of Hrytsenko is a pension, which is almost 140 thousand hryvnias. On his banking account, the politician has 134 thousand dollars and only 29 thousand UAH.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

The income of Hrytsenko’s family is significantly higher: almost 375 thousand hryvnias per month. Also, they have two land plots, four apartments, a country house, and a car.

How does this candidate keep his promises?

According to the results of the study conducted by resource Slovo i Dilo, the candidate limited himself to only 35 promises when he was in power. 51% of them were completed.

Source: analytical portal Slovo i Dilo –

In particular, four years ago, Hrytsenko lied, promising to reduce the tax on the wage fund, did not abolish the pension reform, and could not deprive the officials of their immunity. Today, you can find a part of unfulfilled promises in the new program of the politician, in particular, the contract army, instead of the draft and provocation of a bribe as means of combating corruption.

Among the fulfilled promises – Hrytsenko resumed social benefits for Afghan veterans, Chernobyl victims, children of war and people with disabilities. He also kept his word assuring that after the change of President Tymoshenko will be amnestied.

Are there any scandals with the candidate?

Yes. The first one is “Melnyk’s Case” when in 2008, there were charges against “Ukroboronbud” grounded on the sale of land. Back then in the case, there was a power of attorney of then Minister of Defense Anatoliy Hritsenko, on the basis of which Volodymyr Melnyk was acting. Hrytsenko denied his involvement in corruption schemes and the sale of land, stressing the illegal actions of Melnyk.

Що варто знати про кандидата в президенти Анатолія Гриценка?

The last scandal is relatively fresh. In an interview, Hrytsenko assured that, unlike Yuriy Lutsenko, he did not hide his son from service in the ATO. Immediately after that, the Prosecutor General unveiled his son’s photo from the front, demanding apologies from Hrytsenko. 

There were apologies, however, they were made to the son. The wife of the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Hrytsenko.

By Dmytro Zhuravel

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