Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecast

It is still hard to believe that winter is finally coming to an end. At least calendar winter. Snow and frost are still possible, and even blizzards, but we confidently cross the psychological mark of February 28 ‒ March 1. Spring is gaily waving with gentle willow branches.

On February 28, winter generously decided to raise the air temperature. True, not everywhere, but still in most regions of Ukraine +4 +9 degrees are expected during the day, and even +7 +12 degrees in the west. Only in the eastern part, 0 +3 degrees will linger.

There will be no precipitation on Thursday in Ukraine, only sleet in the east and northeast.

On March 1, the synoptic situation will not change significantly, in the eastern part there will be sleet, in the west, it will be dry. The air temperature will vary within +3 +8 degrees, in the west, and in the Odesa region up to +10 degrees. And again it will be colder in the eastern part of Ukraine, during the day there will be 0 +4 degrees.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни

A strong westerly and northwesterly wind will become a special nuance of February 28 and March 1. Its gusts can reach a stormy 15-20 meters per second.

On March 2-3, the temperature pendulum will swing back down.

Winter does not want to give up power so easily.

The night air temperature of the upcoming weekend in Ukraine will drop to -3 -9 degrees, in the eastern areas  -9 -11 degrees are expected patchily.

In the afternoon it will also become colder, on Saturday it is supposed to be around zero, in the south and west up to +3 +5 degrees, in the eastern part it will be cold, in the afternoon it will be 0-4 degrees of frost.

However, already on Sunday afternoon, the air will gradually begin to warm up to +3 +7 degrees, in western regions up to +7 +12 degrees. And only in the eastern part cold air will be still lingering, it is supposed to be near zero.

This warming will move on to the next week.

From March 4, the air temperature will start to grow in all areas and by the middle of the week will reach +11 +16 degrees in certain regions.

In most areas, in the first half of the week, during the day +7 +12 degrees are expected.

On Monday, atmospheric fronts will bring rain to the western part of Ukraine, the rest of the territory will be dominated by dry air mass.

During March 5-6, the rains will move from west to east, covering almost all areas with moist air.

At the beginning of spring, the atmosphere actively rebuilds climatic processes, and therefore a strong wind is a telltale sign of the season. Strengthening the wind to storm values reduces the sense of air temperature by 2-5 degrees.

Do not be deceived by the first spring sun, carefully choose your wardrobe, so that not to catch a cold.

February 28 in Kyiv will be cool and damp, without significant precipitation, only in the evening there will be a little sleet.

On March 1, spring will debut with gusty wind, cloudiness and air temperature +2 +5 degrees.

On March 2-3, night frosts will resume in the capital, it is expected -4 -7 degrees. However, on Sunday afternoon, the air will warm up to +4 +7 degrees.

From the next week, the warming will increase.

Although March can still throw frosty and snowy surprises, we already know that beautiful spring will soon give us green leaves and yellow dandelions.

Natalka Didenko

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