Thursday, 14 November

Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

The beginning of spring is always filled with sunny expectations. Sometimes the expectations of a holiday are more significant than the holiday itself. The beginning of March comes with willow branches, cheerful puddles, feasts on gender nuances and the joy from good profits of flower sellers. We feel sorry for those, who do not have spring. Waiting for a miracle always makes life brighter. Another name for that is hope. And our spring always justifies our hopes, because it never fails, it comes every year.

For Ukrainians, the beginning of spring is special, because along with the first birds and delicate flowers, Shevchenko days come to us. The days, when once again, we become aware of our uniqueness, beauty, depth, and luxury of spirit and nature. We realize that we belong to the same human community with a genius, with Taras Shevchenko.

This year, March 9-10, are on the weekend, so the weather forecast is of particular importance. The weekend starts from March 8, when wonderful warm weather will prevail in almost all regions of Ukraine.

The air temperature on Friday will be +8 +16 degrees during the day. Small rains will take place in the west and north of Ukraine, and the sun will shine on the rest of the territory. The day will shine with a lot of motley tulips in the hands of confused men, who, on this day, will knock their foreheads in flower shops and markets in search of the best bouquet.

On March 9, it’s will be warm in Ukraine, it is expected +9 +14 degrees. The rains will move to the eastern part. In most areas, dry air mass will prevail.

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On March 10, the weather will change. Together with the atmospheric fronts, the rain will come, the west wind will increase to storm gusts, the air temperature in most areas, except the southern part, will drop to +3 +9 degrees.

The first half of next week will not be marked by warm weather.

The air temperature during the daytime will be +4 +9 degrees. Sporadic rains will alternate with clearings. However, it is the solar clearing in early spring that is able to sharply raise degrees beyond the forecast boundary.

We are not against such exaggerations, sometimes sacrificing the accuracy of the weather forecast.

In Kyiv, on March 8, warm weather is expected with an air temperature of +12 +14 degrees, light rain is possible. On March 9, it will be warm, but on March 10, moderate rain will fall in the capital and turn cold to +6 +8 degrees.

At the beginning of the next week, cool weather will prevail in Kyiv.

The night air temperature will drop to zero or a little frost, in the afternoon it is supposed to be +4 +7 degrees. On Monday, March 11, it will be sunny, in the future periodic rains with blustery wind are expected.

The changeable weather at the beginning of March is common for us, so we prepare umbrellas, don’t hide warm clothes far and learn the new poem by Taras Shevchenko, with which spring always comes to us.

Natalka Didenko

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