The outgoing week strained political strings of Ukraine to the limit of possible: new details on the plunder in the defense sector appear daily, the candidates for presidency started withdrawing from the election in favor of the first fifth. Could we survive “this deadly love”? Read this in the traditional digest from Opinion.

For the visual guidance of the text, we selected the works of art feminism – the direction of the art for women’s rights (hello, cakes and bouquet on March 8). Art-feminism was born at the end of the 60s, at the same time with the protests against the war in Vietnam and the movement for the rights of people of color and LGBT communities. Female artists at that time were discriminated on a sexual basis. They weren’t recognized as their men-colleagues; they were often refused in exhibitions but they didn’t give up. With the help of their works, they unscrew the depth of women’s unconscious layers. They also recreated the image of a powerful, independent and free from decayed patriarchal society woman. Ukraine is often associated with a woman so let’s hope she will achieve recognition… Read further.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через витвори арт-фемінізму

Barbara Kruger “Your Body Is a Battleground”

One of the most significant works of the famous American conceptualist Barbara Kruger, a concise and ironic critic of consumer society and the patriarchy, who preferred mainly monochrome photographs with imperative slogans (“Your body is a battlefield”, “When I hear the word ‘culture’ – I grab a purse” and so on). Her easily recognizable manner emerged from the late 60s when Barbara worked as a photo editor in the Mademoiselle magazine: the techniques of glossy advertising, this propaganda of the era of consumerism, became the basis of all direct creativity. It is this work that succinctly points to the splitting of women’s desires and physicality controlled by the patriarchal system.

“This was anticipated more than a new season of the Game of Thrones,” the network buzzed about the new release of Bihus.Info on the plunder in the defense sector. Without waiting for these series, the president fired Oleh Hladkovsky from the post of First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council in the morning, but this didn’t help them both.

The new series of investigations deal with the purchase by Ukrboronprom in 2016-2017 of Russian parts for AN-26 military aircraft through the firm-gaskets at the price five times inflated.

The parts, namely the altimeters of Russian production, were purchased under the guise of a Kazakh contract through the firm-gaskets for 85 thousand dollars, then they were sent to the Emirates for 90 thousand, and from there were sold to Ukrainian defense factories for 580 thousand dollars.

According to the journalists, the Hladkovskys “earned” on this contract more than 300 thousand dollars. Despite the fat scandal, Hladkovsky and Bukin (the head of Ukroboronprom) deny everything, they say, it’s all “due to the election,” and Hladkovsky-junior shot Bihus parody – the YouTube program “Vashi Hroshi” – where he stuck himself with the words “mazhor” (silver spoon).

But the mockery at the journalists outraged Ukrainians. Hladkovsky is being aided by bots and “bloggers” who circulated the criticism on investigators.

In the next series, the journalists promise to tell about recent prices on the closing of the cases by law enforcers, the passes for special services servicing and collaboration with anti-corruption authorities.
Meanwhile, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted a search at the former First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleh Hladkovsky and his son Ihor. There were detectives in the offices of Ukroboronprom.

Would be there any result before the election – unlikely, because the stakes are too high, but agree – these series are really more interesting than some Game of Thrones.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через витвори арт-фемінізму

Tracey Emin “My bed”

One of the stars of the media and commercially successful Young British Artists movement became famous due to her installation which consisted of an unmade bed with dirty laundry, used condoms, underwear, and other functional everyday objects. The discourse in the press (from specialized art-editions to the tabloids) was markedly embedded in Emin’s mentioned issue of “double loop” – when for the agents of patriarchate any women’s action is only the next reason to judge and stigmatize her: regarding female sexuality it’s, of course, the dynamic pair “a whore/a frigid prude”.

Meanwhile, pre-election passions become more interesting. In the headquarter of Volodymyr Zelensky, the guardian noticed two persons on the nearby roof who were setting some stuff. On the call of the guardian, the police came and seized a suspicious box.

Later, Avakov said that near the candidate’s office the wiretap was found and his counselor Herashchenko hinted at the connection with spies from SBU.

“This equipment couldn’t be bought on the Internet or in the market. It is sold only to the persons of operational and investigative activities who have the license from SBU,” Anton Herashchenko said.

Later, in the comment to The Babel, SBU confirmed that the wiretap was theirs. But they denied wiretapping Zelensky’s office saying that they were looking for treason “according to the court decision in another case.”

“And while the police are exanimating SBU equipment we continue watching how pro-governmental authorities increase already high rating of Zenensky by their foolish spying,” telegram-channel The Newsroom writes.

To mend the situation, the season of “withdrawal of candidacy in favor of” has started. The first was the colonel Kryvonos – in favor of Poroshenko. That’s when it all kicked off… Dobrodomov withdrew in favor of Hrytsenko, and Murayev made a reverence for Vikul.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General Lutsenko directly blamed Yulia Tymoshenko’s “director of the election network” Valeriy Dubil for ordering the bribe of a technical candidate against Yuriy Tymoshenko for withdrawal from the election. Two probable executors of Dubil’s mission, as it is known, were detained by the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

Yuriy Lutsenko showed the correspondence of the assistant to the deputy Yuriy Tymoshenko with the “organizer of bribery” named Roman. Also at the briefing, the correspondence with a person named “Valera” (BYuT). According to Lutsenko, it was Valeriy Dubil.

“This is the number of people’s deputy Valeriy Dubil who apparently ordered the blackmailing and bribery of the presidential candidate,” Lutsenko said.

While two rival camps reveal each other in bribery, the Rating’s fresh sociologist poll gave 25% to Zelensky, Poroshenko and Tymoshenko – both got 16%. They won’t win the election this way.

Kostyantyn Rul

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