In February, Ukraine bought electricity from coal-fired power plants by almost 50% more expensive than Rinat Akhmetov’s electricity was bought in Europe. This is reported by Our Money.

According to SE Energorynok, in February 2019, the average selling price of electricity to the Wholesale Market by TPP producers amounted to 2167 UAH / MWh on an aggregate basis (0.72 euros per kWh). Thus, the heat generation tariff increased by 16% compared to January.

“This is a new record high TPP tariff in entire Ukrainian history,” the report said.

In turn, the Hungarian energy market in February was worth 49.56 euros, or about 1530 UAH / MW * g.
“That is, the price of the Ukrainian Energy Market is 45% higher than the price of the Hungarian stock exchange,” the report emphasizes.

Recall that the largest supplier of “coal electricity” in Ukraine is DTEK Group of Rinat Akhmetov.

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