Thursday, 14 November

Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

March was so happy from the fact that it finally has returned to Ukraine after a long winter, so it immediately began to show everything it was capable of. We already had 18 degrees above zero, and rainfall, and snow, and the incredible gale, which tumbled down trees and buildings, caused serious damage and, unfortunately, it was not without human casualties.

By the way, such a wind, which was observed in Ukraine on Monday, March 11, is incorrect to compare with a tornado. A tornado occurs in the local area and does not last long, a strong hurricane wind takes up huge areas and can last for several days.

In the coming days, hurricane winds are not expected in Ukraine.

However, in the western regions, and on March 16 also in the north, gusts of wind of up to 15-20 meters per second are possible.

In the second half of this week, the temperature will gradually rise.

On March 15 in the course of the day, it is expected +5 +10 degrees, in the West to +9 +13 degrees.

In the short term, the warmest days will be March 16, 17 and 18. The maximum air temperature will rise from +10 +15 degrees to + 14 +20 degrees.

On March 19, Tuesday, in the western regions will begin cooling, which already on March 20-21 will cover most of the regions of Ukraine. Daytime air temperature will drop to +7 +12 degrees.

The southern part will be constantly ahead of the remaining areas by 2-5 degrees symmetrically.

On March 15, wet weather with precipitations is most likely only in the western part, and on March 16, the atmospheric front will cause rain in a significant part of the territory of Ukraine.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On March 17, 18 and 19, the weather of most areas will be determined by the anticyclone, the area of high atmospheric pressure, thus, dry air will prevail, and there will be plenty of sun. During this period, it is worth to be outside more, to enjoy the warm weather, fresh air and getting vitamin D from the sun.

On March 20 another cooling is expected in Ukraine again. The air temperature during March 20-21 will drop to +7 +12 degrees, only in the southern part +10 +15 degrees is expected.

In the coming days, a gradual increase in air temperature is expected in Kyiv from +6 degrees on March 15 to +18 +20 degrees on March 17-19.

The following Wednesday the cooling will also visit the capital, the thermometer column will drop to +6 +8 degrees, and at night, even to zero or small “minuses”.

From the nearest synoptic perspective, it will rain in Kyiv on March 16 and 20, while the rest of the time significant precipitation is unlikely.

On March 16, Saturday, the west wind will intensify, be careful.

March is growing up, so the heat and the sun get more intense. However, along with delicate flowers and buds, there are more synoptic contrasts, changing strong wind and sharp jumps in atmospheric pressure and air temperature.

Take care of nature and of yourself during these tender spring days.

Natalka Didenko

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