The State Bureau of Investigations has summoned journalists of the project to investigate the involvement of law enforcers in covering up corruption. This was stated by the director of the State Bureau of Investigations Roman Truba at a meeting of the temporary investigative commission on the embezzlement in the defense sector on March 13.

“Within the framework of the pre-trial investigation we summoned investigative journalists for detailed interrogation,” Truba said.

He noted that the State Bureau of Investigations is trying to access the criminal proceedings that are being investigated, as well as the materials of the audits mentioned by the journalists.

He also pointed out that precisely those state bodies that are the “backbone of the state” are the figurants in the investigation of journalists.

The director of the DBR added that the National Police will provide operational support to the investigation.

On March 12, the State Investigation Bureau initiated a proceeding on materials of a new part of the journalistic investigation by the Bihus.Info project. The investigation involves the receipt of bribes by officials of the Security Service, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the State Fiscal Service and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau for not conducting an investigation or prosecution of persons involved in the embezzlement of the defense sector.

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